What is Group Discussion? Why Group Discussion is Important in Interview Process?

What is Group Discussion?

Today there is a new trend in almost every recruitment selection process that is group discussion. But majority of us don’t have a clear idea about “ What is Group discussion ? ” We stuck when we hear that there is a group discussion round in the selection process. But it  is a major tool for the selectors to check some qualities of the candidates. It is art to represent your thought in a simple and attractive way before everyone.

Here in this article we going to explore the meaning of Group discussion.

Almost every company private or public arrange a group discussion round for the aspirants to check some natural traits of the aspirants.

In a group discussion round, a topic is given to the group and asked them to tell about the topic one by one and interviewer will prepare a report on the basis of this discussion. Aspects which make up a Group Discussion are:

  • Cooperation
  • Verbal Communication
  • Conformation to norms
  • Nonverbal behavior
  • Decision making ability

Why Group Discussion is Important?

Group discussion opens up a person’s different inherit skills. After checking your conceptual skills and qualification the authorities are arranging Group discussion to gauges the aspirants whether they are fit for the responsibility or not. Suppose a Manager has to run a team so here only qualifications are not enough, his leadership, communication & interpersonal skills are important. So many recruiters make the group discussion round compulsory. From this round they can check the

  1.   Communication skills
  2.    Leadership Skills
  3.    Team Building Skills
  4.    Reasoning ability
  5.    Initiative
  6.    Flexibility
  7.    Interpersonal Skills
  8.    Motivational Skills
  9.    Analytical /Logical Skills
  10.  Different Thinking
  11.  Assertiveness
  12.  Creativity
  13.  Ability to think on one’s feet

Interviewer will check how good you can explain your point, your attitude towards others view, how you are communicating with the rest of the aspirants, and the attitude towards the participation in the discussion. The only advice to handle this type of situation is try to be as true as possible to these aspects.

Best Of Luck for all of you from Careersplus Team for your next group discussion. For more about group discussion keep your eye on this section. Few more are coming soon.

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Updated: August 25, 2016 — 7:07 pm

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