What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses – Best Answers List

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses – List of Best Answers

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? is the significant question mostly asked in the interview. You need to set up the best response to this question. The motivation behind posing this question is to see that how you handle the stressful situation and how you really react to it.

Just to check your nature and your capacity to control your temper interview board ask you this question. But no need to take it as negative, if you know how to tackle this type of tricky questions you can easily prove that you are the perfect choice for that position. So be positive and learn how to handle this type of questions.

If you really want to know the right answer for What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses then you need to first discover it in yourself and find out that what really gives you quality or make you powerless or what is need in you contrast with other.

Relax!! No need to be stressed. We are here to help you out. We will help you to find your strength and weakness and you will be ready to face that question.

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What Are Your Strengths:

What Are Your Strengths?  This is the basic question that asked in each Interview by an Interviewer. So before going for any Interview applicants need to think about their qualities. Your reaction on this single question helps the Interviewer to decide whether you are a potential resource or a Liability for the organization.

With this question, the questioner searches for see whether:

  •         Your qualities adjust to the organization’s needs
  •         You can carry out the task and perform like a hero
  •         You are the most ideal individual for the Task
  •         You have qualities, abilities, and/or experience that set you apart from the others
  •         You are somebody who will make an amazing expansion to the group

Review Your Strengths:

Analyze your abilities and you will get a clear idea about your abilities, knowledge, skill :

Information Based Skills:

Information that you gained from training and experience-

  •         Computer abilities
  •         Languages
  •         Degrees
  •         Training and specialized ability

Perception Skills:

The skills which you learn from others and nourish them with own unique personality

  •         Communication abilities
  •         Body Language
  •         Postures
  •         Analytical critical thinking
  •         Listening abilities

Individual Traits:

Your qualities that makes you unique in relation to others-

  •         Positive attitude
  •         Team Player
  •         Friendly nature
  •         Hard working
  •         Expressive
  •         Creative
  •         Self inspiration

Now you have a clear idea about your strengths and now think how this strength is useful for the company. If you can tally this two then your answer is ready. Be confident while you are facing this question because you know the right answer for the question.

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What Are Your Weaknesses:

What are your weaknesses? This is the single question that has power to decide the capacity and capability of a candidate. And unfortunately the most remarkable bad response to this is: “I don’t have any weak point.” What you have to do is change the negative vibe into positive vibe but indirectly. Suppose you tell “I am very perfectionist” “I think a lot about my work.” Basically all these points are fruitful for the company.

Everyone has weakness but the most ideal approach to handle this, is to minimize your negative attribute by covering it with your strengths.  Try to resolve your weakness, try not to take anything personally be professional, Handle the tricky and sensitive situation carefully

Here is a list of weakness which people normally face in day to day life.try to recognize your one. If any one of the trait s present in you resolve it with your positive traits because no negative trait will help to grow in life.

  • Impatience
  • Over-talkative
  • Unassertive
  • Stubborn/rigid
  • Wasting Time
  • Reluctance to share
  • Being excessively touchy
  • Lack of a few aptitudes

If any of the traits belongs to don’t be upset as you recognize your weakness, in itself it is a positive point.

Stay positive and give your answer confidently.


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Updated: October 14, 2016 — 5:39 pm

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