UPSC NDA Interview Questions & Answers – UPSC NDA/NA Important Interview Questions

UPSC NDA Interview Questions & Answers

The recruitment of personnels in NDA & NA are ongoing. Now that the UPSC has concluded with the NDA & NA Written Test, it is now time for SSB Interview for those candidates who had qualified the written test. To make things less complicated, we have presented the UPSC NDA Interview Questions & Answers.  The SSB Interviews are difficult as here, the selection committee set up by the Union Public Service Commission is responsible for shortlisting suitable candidates who will be at a ranking position in the National Defence Academy and Naval Academy.

UPSC NDA Interview Questions & Answers

The SSB Interview will be conducting as per the schedule provided on the official site. However, preparing for the SSB Interviews is must. To the rescue, we have mentioned NDA Interview Questions and Answers that are occasionally asked and which can change and improve your chances of getting shortlisted. The selection committee will assess the qualified candidates during interview for their compatibility, adaptability, personality, and their intelligence along with other parameters which makes it extremely important for the candidates to go well prepared.

UPSC NDA/NA Selection Process:

The Selection process of NDA/NA as stated by UPSC comprises of screening test. On qualifying this round, the candidates will be proceeded to Group Testing Officers test, Psychology Test and finally Personal Interview. The aspirants are required to clear all the above stated rounds in order to get into the merit list where the final selection of the candidates will be done by the selection committee.

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UPSC NDA/NA Interview Questions and Answers:

  • Why do you wish to join Defence?

You know this question is coming. This is one of the most common questions asked during a SSB Interview. Therefore, you must be well prepared to answer this question. Although the reason would differ, it is up to you to make the most of this question by impressing the interviewers with an logical answer.

  • Which of these “Navy/Air Force/Army” according to you will be your first preference?

This is an another question which is asked during SSB interview. During the application process, the candidates are asked to choose between Air Force, navy and army in the application form. This becomes a point of during interview at the interviewer would ask you why the reason why you defense this particular service and not another. For those candidates who belong to Commerce and Arts faculty, they are fewer scope in Defense Services while those in science faculty have and its scope in Defense Services. It is ideal to prepare for this question in advance before stepping in for the SSB interview.

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  • If you fail this time in SSB Interview, would you come back for another interview?

Sometimes when this question is asked during SSB interview, candidates become ensures and they feel that they might get rejected however this question is literally for examining the personality of the candidates and how the candidates is adaptable to this type of question when asked.

  • Explain the role that Defence forces play in our country?

It is a sort of general knowledge question on Defense Services in our country. The candidates will have to make a little research on Internet for Air Force, navy, and army so that during the interviews they can speak about the role of Defense Services.

  • If not selected as an officer, which course would will wish to pursue after 10+2?

An interviewer wants to know about your personality and how do you wish to continue with your Quest of becoming and Defence Services officer. Therefore he may ask to this question for which the logical answer would be discussing about your future planning if you aren’t selected for the post of officer.

  • Before coming for SSB Interview, did you do any preparation?

Preparation is the most integral part of going for an SSB interview. The interviewer would ask you question related to current affairs, National and international news, etc and thus, you can refer reference books available.

  • If repeaters, why did you fail in all previous SSB Interview?

If you are repeater in SSB interviews, a question like this may be asked to you. The logical answer for this question would be not to blame the selection committee and to elaborate that they pointed out your mistakes and weaknesses which you have succeeded in rectifying.

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Other Questions which can be asked during NDA Interview:

  1. State the ranks of positions in air force, army, and navy in equivalence?
  2. What does AFSPA means?
  3. State some of the most important operations carried by the Indian Army?
  4. Why choose Army, since when do you like army?
  5. Which does IOR stands for?
  6. Brief us about the Indo-Pak Wars held since years?
  7. If not army, what are your further options and why?
  8. What do you mean by G-Force? What is its significance for a airplane or fighter plane for pilot?
  9. What are the subjects you like and which are the subjects you don’t and why?
  10. Tell us about AGNI missile?
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