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UGC NET – An adept review:

UGC NET – National Eligibility Test conducted by CBSE is for the people who are looking a career in the field of teaching, lecturer and research. These professions need certain amount of time and discipline which will create certain leadership qualities.


This UGC NET 2018 exam has 3 papers that make it difficult in itself. There is a procedure for the preparation of this exam that generates knowledgeable candidates that in turn produces some good & creative students.

Going through this exam gives opportunities in the field of research that is intriguing in itself.

The Experience:

The exam contains 3 papers that are to be given on a single day. The process of giving the exam is exhausting in itself and making it more uneasy to crack. Candidates have to make sure of mental balance and being able to execute their minds accordingly.

The Process by a Topper:

The toppers are labeled by us people, these people are just like us doing things and dealing with troubles on day to day basis.

Understanding a day of a topper is easy but to implement the same is bit tough. Majorly they cover the basics of the subjects that lead to a strong ground making it possible for them to grow faster than usual.

  • There is a certain timetable that is followed and worked upon. This includes early morning studies, eating healthy food, cutting out certain pleasures& leisure time.
  • There is also a certain breakdown in the process of the material being studied, the basics are coveredand the mains are pondered upon regularly. There is a phase of revision going on that makes the things memorize quickly and more efficiently.
  • The notes are the important things that are given by the guide or the teacher. These notes are revised subsequently making the base stronger again with everyday.
  • With the uneasiness of the paper certain distractions are weeded out, that being the electronic social media and other leisure activities.
  • Time management is the main focus and studying for the sake of understanding is given importance.

Before going through the whole process candidates look for a guide that can help them select the course and subject accordingly. A better understanding is to be built in between which should reflect in the process of preparation.

The Coaching Institutes:

There are institutes all over the country that provide good quality of education and making it easy for the students.

For every subject there are coaching’s that provide proper education.

Delhi being the core of it making the hub for UGC-NET coaching;a lot of coaching centers makes it easy for the preparation by giving study material. Some visual aids always help the students to relate and understand the subject.

This exam being conducted twice a year makes it more flexible to understand and prepare for it.

Every subject has training centers that make it easy for the students to understand the subject likewise.

The toppers usually spend a lot of time with the teachers bring the transparency in the process of understanding.

Bangalore, Mumbai & other metro and non metro places are filled with coaching institutes that help students to get through.

All said and done certain time, discipline and management of stress in between is always helpful, which also includes self study and healthy balance in life. All being in a relation with each other.

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Updated: July 31, 2017 — 6:54 am

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