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Trust Fund Scholarship Scheme for Differently-Abled Students

The Trust Fund Scholarship commenced with an aim of imparting financial help to many of the disabled students so that they can follow the trails of having any technical OR Professional courses from any given recognized Institute. They can then use their qualification to be employed under any company or then begin their own business. Gaining knowledge and to live life on this earth being a differently-able student, is often very hard. They can counter Physical, Psychological, Financial and many mental issues. These students couldn’t harness their skills properly and hence they can even miss the chance of receiving adequate livelihood. Often it’s hard for them to get a dignified position in the society. These types of scholarships encourage differently-abled students to get professional and technical courses in hand to be empowered.Trust Fund Scholarship 2017

Number of Scholarships:

Throughout the country, in all 2500 scholarships will be distributed to disabled students. In that too, there are reservations for Girls forming 30% of total scholarships, and from these as well the scholarships can be transferred to boys in case of absence of female applicants. This count is limited and the finance distribution shall be done after counting up the forms received through the panel.

Scope of the Trust Fund Scholarship:

Those who are lodged under the Persons with Disabilities cadre in India, shall be incorporated and considered liable to receive this scholarship. This was due to an Act passed in the year 1995 and 1999. But, only those who are a citizen of India shall be counted in. The acts made it enabled that today these students are being awarded such an opportunity by the government so that they can make up their career.

Rate of Scholarship & Other Benefits mentioned under this scheme:

There will be some of the benefits awarded under the Trust Fund Scholarship guidelines to the nominees,

  • If one belongs to an Institute which is Government-organized or Government-aided, they will be given non-refundable fees.
  • For private institutes, compensations might be restricted to Government-organized or Government-aided Institutions.
  • Here are some of the rates given, which shall be paid during a period of 10 months’ time, which has been given below to be referred, Class OR Course Allowance Per month Book OR Stationery Allowance
1. Professional Graduate Courses 2500 INR 6000 INR
2. Professional Postgraduate Courses 3000 INR 10000 INR

Visually Handicapped, Hearing Handicapped, And Orthopedically Handicapped shall be provided with some of the aids and appliances along with the scholarship, Category Appliances and Aids Cost Estimations
1. Visually Handicapped Braille OR Braille typewriter 10000 INR
2. Visually Handicapped Laptop/Desktop with Screen Magnification 60000 INR
3. Visually Handicapped Laptop/Desktop with Screen Reading software 40000 INR
4. Hearing Handicapped Binaural Digital programmable Hearing aid with annual provision of button cells 50000+3600 per


5. Hearing Handicapped Laptop/Desktop With Wifi (Bluetooth facility enabled) 70000 INR
6. Hearing Handicapped Cell phone with SMS SIM Card 5000 INR
7. Orthopedically Handicapped Laptop or desktop 40000 INR

Conditions for Trust Fund Scholarship:

  • Scholarship is just the way of financing students who are differently abled to pursue their Degree or PG courses.
  • With the scholarship, aids and appliances with allowance for Maintenance and books will also be given.
  • For only one course, the scholarship will be given.
  • Those who need to get technical or professional courses or their admissions and they applied for it through any competitive examination, will be considered eligible.
  • They won’t be re-asked about their scores in higher secondary or graduation level.
  • Students will be filtered in through merit basis.
  • Females must have at least 45% to qualify.
  • Those who are acquiring education by a correspondent means, will also be accounted for the scholarship.
  • But, those who are mentioned in for this scholarship, should not apply for any other scholarship.
  • Economically weaker students will be preferred.

Publicity of the Scheme:

Through printing and through the media the scheme will be announced and provided. Many other UGC, Prominent colleges and Universities will too publicize the scheme.

How to Apply Trust Fund Scholarship:

  • All applications must be submitted in enlisted format only until the deadline of Trust Fund.
  • Advanced copies about the form must be submitted beforehand online.
  • Registration numbers will be given with a separate entry marked with the form.
  • Applications will be screened through Trust fund panel and then distribution about the scholarship amount will be made.
  • Annual income record with the necessary forms should be submitted .
  • Applications must be grabbed in through online mode and then submitted on the given address of the Trust fund.
  • On the whole prescribe note about the rate, the scholarship details, which aids will be provided is given.

Important Dates:

Last date to submit all the applications 30th June, 2017

Important Links:

Check Trust Fund Scholarship Notification –

One can register through


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