Tips to Prepare for Group Discussion

Tips to Prepare for Group Discussion – How to Prepare for Group Discussion

Why Group Discussion is important?

A Group Discussion or abbreviated as GD, as it is known otherwise, help in judging the personality of a person through his words. Helps in assessing the behavioral traits the person have in him/her including skills such as social skills, team skills, problem-solving ability, presence of mind and leadership skills. There are two words included in the topic “Group” and “Discussion” both have their meanings, A  Group means a number of individuals who know or do not know each other. A Discussion means exchanging information on a certain common  topic and coming (or not coming) to a discrete conclusion.

Therefore, we can conclude  that Group Discussion is an collective discussion where a topic is analyzed and discussed, and in the end of it, the members come to a fair decision. It involves team work, but at the same time, it shows individual personalities.

Who Decides to Conduct them?

Group Discussions are mainly conducted by schools, institutes and companies. In fact to get admissions also  into schools and other management and engineering institutes, GD has become an essential genre. Those are the look-out of the companies if they want GD as part of their interview process.

Requirement of a Group-Discussion:

While  appearing for entrance exams test the students for their academics and knowledge of  their chosen subjects, the GD will shine their soft skills and their ability how do they to cope with various situations.
Mainly the institutes or companies conducting the GD know criteria  that they want to be in person they hire. The Group Discussion helps them to analyze whether the candidates have the required traits or not.
GD also serves as cutting-off tool. Many apply, but after going through group-discussion, important ones and worthy ones are selected.

What are the steps for Group-discussions?

A group when we imagine usually consists of 6 to 12 members. They are given a topic and a few minutes for preparation. After that, they begin the discussions. The duration of the GD can differ from institute to institute or organization to organization. There is a candidate or  an monitoring person may be assigned. They are known as “Assessors”  An assessor usually, assesses two to three candidates. They will be monitoring everyone’s move.

Strap up for Group-Discussion:

There are no written rules to prepare for a GD. However, there are a few list of points one must keep in mind.

Dealing before the storm:

Fill yourself with ample of information.
No one really has any idea what the topic of GD is going to be, so, it will be a good idea to keep yourself update on trends in all sectors like

1.Current Affairs:
Latest updates about the world is known as current Affairs is the knowledge you must have total idea about. For gaining this, you must read newspapers regularly and watch news in the newspaper properly.You must be aware that the recent changes in the sectors, person should know about very latest developmental initiatives taken place, any  ties between various countries likewise gibberish.

2.Historical topics:
Have a good knowledge about the country’s history and also the history of  other countries of the world. The topics may not be specifically from this particular subject area, but having historical information will help you judge examples and make references in your sentences while speaking whenever needed.

3.Sports, Arts & Literature :
In these type of topics, try to have a decent idea about what is going popular, who are the leaders in each state, what happened in those areas. If the topic  is from the areas you read about then you will be able to discuss more points, or else you can definitely use the information to point out references.

Data crunching:

Make yourself familiar with required data. Adding in some data if required in your GD will definitely create an outstanding impression among the assessors.

Reached there, what next?

1.Listening the topic keenly:
When the topic is been picked, understand the topic carefully. If it is not clear at first strike or you have some doubt regarding the topic, ask immediately before rushing in false sentences. Clarity of the topic is of utmost importance to ensure that you perform awesome in the GD.

2.Precise and sharp thoughts:

As how you are collecting your thoughts, try as much as possible  to stick around precise and concise thoughts. Remember, when you are speaking, what is more important is what you are saying or conveying rather than how much you are communicating. In a Group Discussions the race is always  quality over quantity. Let your views be relevant and up to the mark. To a great extent, try to do some out-of-the-box thinking so that your view stands out from the others.

3.Know about the topic:
When you are talking on your topic, pick up your points in a way that they convey the deepness of  your knowledge and what do you personally feel about that. Superficial talk should be avoided as the assessors will be easily able to see through your thought process. Try to have newer thoughts around the topic and also try to draw conclusions to different situations or incidents Giving related examples can help at a large scale.

Proposing your views:

You may have excellent views on your subject, but can  you o communicate them in an effective manner is the striking  question. Here, is where your communication skills will come to save you. If you have good communication skills in your pockets, well and good, or else you will have to work on developing them. To make your communication skills even better, you can choose a topic, stand before the mirror and start smack-talking about it to yourself. Please try replying them as if in reality you would do. Analyze what you are doing, try to spot mistakes, if  there are any, in your communication and then take it seriously. This will help you come across as a very confident person during the GD. On the day of the Group Discussion, your main aim should be to express your thoughts in a professional manner and put them across to the team and the assessors in the best way.

If you have that much guys you can try starting Discussion in the group, if it is possible for you. By taking the initiative, you will be giving a structure to the discussion and defining the manner in which the discussion must progress. This will pose your quality as a person who can facilitate actions by breaking bad. A little word of chosen subject and you must be aware what you are speaking. If you take the initiative of being the lead and somehow you are successful to complete, then it will be back fired  at you completely. So, act wisely.

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Updated: May 10, 2016 — 8:02 am

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