Tips to Improve your English Writing Skills

How to Improve English Writing Skills?

Being excellent in writing skills in English come from practice and determination. Not everyone is born an excellent writer. Learning to be an excellent writer in English takes a lot of time and practice. Anyone can be a good writer if they are determined enough.
Everyone has a different reason why they need to improve their writing. Maybe you need to improve your writing for work or for your English class at university. Or maybe you want to start a blog about learning English or you need to respond to emails in English for your business.
Below are 8 Tips to upgrade your Writing Skills in English:

  1. Keep All of your Writing in One Place

Buy a notebook or journal or start an electronic journal. By keeping your writing all in the same place, you will be able to see how much you are improving and keep it organized.

  1. Practice Writing in English Daily

The priority of writing in English can be enabled to create it as a new routine.Then, eventually writing something in English it would be something you would be fond of. You couldn’t be splendid in the job of having creative writing skills unless and until you go for it and practice! Then you wouldn’t be rocking all those Articles, blogs if you don’t know anything about writing skills.

  1. A hunt for a subject to write on :Do not waste your time in only wondering what to write upon.Practically, you can choose any topic from entire universe and write upon it. Typically, start from observing keenly your routine, observe what you do daily, what do you think, what are the things you are more expressive about,

      4.Attempt more than once:

Draft means a rough cut of what topic you have chosen to write on..  Best words sometimes comes after you are refreshed, and then all you can do is work on remaining drafts.. revision or going through rewrite) your work you are often enables you to connect all the dots in the story, about what you want to convey from your article.. You make think of things that you did not think to write  while you are working on your draft , but, remember you can always edit.

  1. Taking help of Basics:

I AGREE, Grammar is not everyone’s cup of tea.. and that not everyone knows tiny bits of English. Use online resources, such as Grammar, Grammar Check or to guide you as you are going through a grammar question when it comes up. You could also switch the spell and check your grammar in Word, some online dictionaries available.

      6.Go beyond imagination:

Don’t just sharpen our pencil and write only on a specific topic everyday, that will lead you to lose interest. Experiment by attempting same subject with different point of views, perspectives . Imagine that subject is a baby, that won’t stop crying;Primarily, possibility is the mother who might want to share the story; then from the perspective of the baby. Either way , attempt ca be made to convey the present moment…. ‘My baby hasn’t stopped crying in five days…’ and then try to touch the same topic as In the view of a woman who is going to have a baby. Best thing about these type of skills is, you never have to stick around serious boundaries.


Pick a useful friend which would be your mate in attempt of having best writing skills. Actually, in presence of second person, can add up more ideas and ways to your topic,. You could have them edit everything or just a part that you are stuck on. Often having another set of eyes looking at your work, proves to boon In spotting mistakes you have overlooked.

  1. Suitable place

Find the Best Place for You to Write trials must be made to change time, day, season, place to experiment and conclude which is best environment for writing. Maybe you have writer’s block at night; set an alarm, and have aim of  writing in the morning. It can happen that the place you picked is too full of noise, switch the place and find a quiet and comfortable place. Keep track of trials of the right (or write?) environment for you to write.
Writing is a process; as much as you work on your writing the better it (and you) will get.

  1. Think about what the reader reads:

Your choice must be unique, Choosing to write on, your aim should be to make ideas clear as possible – to present your aims clearly and precisely and to avoid any repetition and mistakes. Achieving this becomes easier the more you  have practiced writing and the more you become better and more you begin to develop your confidence..

Try adapting following steps:

  • You can avoid long gibberish.
  • Avoid using a difficult word, be simple!
  • use punctuation marks correctly to depict your context and sense of your writing
  • use paragraphs to break your text and be logical!
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Updated: May 9, 2016 — 5:55 am

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