Tips To Finish Exam On Time: Ultimate Tips To Complete Your Board/Competitive Exam on Time

Best Tips To Finish Exam On Time Successfully

An examination is not a fail-proof method of judging a students’ talents. Aspirants with the same skill level and IQ may perform very differently and their merit scores may also be far apart. This discrepancy is mainly due to a difference in the preparation in terms of test strategy and time management. The exam has to be finished on time using a strategic approach and careful management of available time. These additional tips to finish exam on time and other skills are not taught and they have to be acquired with practice.

Aspirants who experience doubts and sadness due to failure in securing competitive scores need not worry too much. The secret lies not in worrying or losing confidence, but  in finding the right solutions to overcome wrong test-taking strategy. Our website provides a comprehensive list of guidelines and instructions for the benefit of aspirants in this aspect. The directives are prepared after careful research under the guidance of learned professionals. You can study the following tips to finish the exam on time and secure distinction –Tips To Finish Exam On Time

  1. Do Not Loiter In Corridors :

Aspirants have this habit of calming their nerves by walking here and there. This should not be overdone as you may get carried away and waste time. Moreover, the authorities at the exam centre will consider this as loitering. They may warn you and this could lead to a bad mood. Entering the exam hall in a negative mood is not a good thing and it will affect your test-taking strategy. If you stroll around too much you may lose concentration and forget about checking the watch/mobile for time. You may also fail to listen to the announcement to enter the room. This leads to additional waste of time and such common and silly mistakes have to be avoided.

Tip : The candidate can take his allotted seat on time and do a little stretching and deep breathing after closing his or her eyes.

Exam Time Management Tips

  1. Understand The Nature Of Exam :

The most significant aspect of any exam is the pattern and type of questioning. You should be attentive and apply the mind to thoroughly understand the nature of exam. Objective exams are held mainly to test the ability to recall, relate and reason well. The ability to apply a specific concept is also evaluated here. If you understand how the objective test works then you can strategize for success.  The two following things should always be done – checking previous papers and answering all the questions unless there is negative marking.

Tip : Lengthy True/False questions have to be read carefully using the provided commas for breaks while looking out for negative words like not, never, none, nowhere, no one, etc.,

last minute preparation tips

  1. Auspicious Start :

You have to make careful use of the first 15 minutes of the exam. The formalities like entering Id number/Roll number/Hall ticket number, name, etc., have to be finished at the very beginning to avoid embarrassment. If you forget to enter these details and the invigilator fails to remind you then the paper may be tossed out during evaluation leading to failure.

Tip : Always double check these basic details on the answer sheet before submitting  it.

Group Discussion Tips

  1. Write Quickly :

One of the most significant aspects of test-preparedness is the ability to write answers quickly. You have to practice this art in order to succeed. The practice should be done properly while taking the mock exams. These tests have to be taken by recreating the exam environment with the help of invigilation by a friend. You should also use proper alarms and clocks to ensure time limits. You should buy and use good quality answer scripts and other stationery like pen, pencil, and instruments for these practice exams. The answer sheets should be assessed and marks should be given according to the official exam pattern. You should make sure that the evaluation process also includes negative marking for illegible handwriting so as to ensure competitiveness and feedback. All these activities will help in finishing the exam on time because of sufficient practice and preparation.

Tip:  Use good quality and familiar pens only. Do not borrow, but carry one or two extra pens with you.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Exams

  1. Write Legibly :

You should not sacrifice good handwriting in order to write quickly. What is the point in finishing the test on time by writing quickly in an illegible handwriting?  The handwriting need not be beautiful, but it should be understood by the teacher who gives marks during assessment. If possible you should work on writing in a beautiful hand. This is an art and takes time. Otherwise, you have to make sure that you don’t make the common mistake of scribbling in a careless manner. There may not be any marks for beautiful writing, but there will definitely be negative marks for writing poorly. The evaluator may be in a bad mood and strike out the entire part of the answer which has been written poorly. He or she may not give marks for this omitted part.

Tip: Avoid strikeouts and never forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

Most Commonly Asked Bank Personal Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Avoid Literary Style :

Writing quickly and writing legibly has to be supported by writing in a simple style. You should not try literary and boring style while writing an answer. You have to work on developing a style while writing practise answers for long questions and essays. Your style should be simple and should follow basic grammar rules. Students who try to answer by giving more importance to decoration, presentation, and complex vocabulary so as to impress do not receive favourable marks.  Showing-off your expertise is not necessary for exams and they will cost you a lot of time. The examiners look for correctness, clarity of thought, and conceptual understanding only. You can try various expert practises while competing for prizes and rewards.

Tip :  Do not read fiction books before exams.

How to Initiate a Group Discussion

  1. Double Check Before You Leave :

The students should avoid one common and silly mistake. Some of you like to leave the exam centre in a hurry. So you try to quickly handover the answer sheets to the invigilator to rush out so as to feel relief. This is not a good practise and must be avoided. You should show care and self-control. Care should be taken by double checking the answer sheet for blanks, spelling mistakes, and details of Id number and name.

Tip : Leave the exam centre only after taking permission or after receiving orders.

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