Telephonic Interview Tips for Freshers 2017: Job Interview Tools

Telephonic Interview Tips for Freshers:

In this era, finding a good job opportunity is not easy. Not only a good qualification, but also a job seeker needs to have professional etiquette’s in order to get a good job. Here are some telephonic interview tips for freshers. When it comes to job interview, one-to-one round is one of the oldest and most trusted method of interview. It is beneficial for both parties as employers get to know about the candidate’s behavior and on the other hand, the job seeker can visit the workplace where they might get appointed. However, in this hectic lifestyle and busy schedules, nowadays, employers prefer taking a telephonic round instead of calling an individual to their office and wasting their valuable time. If you get an opportunity to give a telephonic round, make sure you do not leave any stone unturned

Telephonic Interview Tips for Freshers

to impress the interview via phone. Apart from a good years of experience and educational qualification, how you entertain the interviewer over the phone call is extremely important. In this article, we have listed some of the most important aspects and telephonic interview tips for freshers.

New graduates or freshers often get over excited and over confident about getting a job. This may harm their overall presentation and image in front of the interview. Therefore, you need to keep some professional tips handy to get your dream job over the phone call itself. A telephonic interview is a tricky one wherein the interviewer gets a good opportunity to confuse a job seeker with no experience, in this situation, you need to be well aware of how to deal with the question without being rude or sarcastic. The following are list of things you need to do when there is a Telephonic interview scheduled. Read carefully in order to regret later.

Tips for Telephonic Interview:

  • When there is a telephonic interview scheduled, make sure you keep yourself free. Keep waiting for the call and concentrate entirely on the phone in order to give the right answer with each question asked. Fumbling or stammering may disappoint the interviewer. Therefore, make sure to go slowly and softly.   
  • In order to avoid mistakes, it will be better if you keep your resume handy. Put it in from of you so you can provide the right information requested for during the conversation.
  • One of the most important points while giving a telephonic interview is keeping the sound clear without any disturbances in the background. Keep the pets and kids away while speaking over the phone with an interviewer. Also, make sure to turn off the music or TV before answering the phone call.
  • There are chances that you may receive other calls while speaking, so better to turn off the call waiting option in your mobile. This will help you to give out your interview uninterruptedly.
  • Keep a pen and a paper handy to mention important notes or information about the company given by the interviewer. This may be of a great help when you visit for a face-to-face-round.
  • Also, list down your accomplishments available to review while giving out more information about yourself.
  • Be a good listener when it comes to telephonic interview. Do not interrupt the speaker while speaking or else you will lose out on some valuable points and you will have to ask again which won’t sound good.
  • Keep yourself alone and do not speak with anyone in between while taking to the recruiter. Let the other person complete and then say your point.
  • Make sure you keep your volume low and tone polite. Do not use unprofessional terms which can offend the recruiter leading you to pay big time. Your language and tone are the most important aspects when it comes to telephonic interview. Keep both in control and you are half done.
  • Never forget to thank the interviewer for the valuable time. This leaves a lasting impression about you on them.

Tips for Answering the Basic Questions:

Most of the telephonic interviews start with the basic questions. Make sure you give the right information as mentioned in your resume to avoid confusion. The following are some in-depth tips on what you need to say about yourself when answering basic question.

  • Your full name, years of experience in the industry as well as any specific domain for which you have been working in your previous profiles or internship.
  • Mention the name of your previous or current company, responsibilities and projects that you may be handling in the past.
  • Technologies that you are using and add some more that you know. Name some clients that you have worked for and other information.
  • Do not forget to mention about the awards and accomplishments if any that you have achieved in the previous employment as it delivers a strong impact on the interviewer.
  • When asked about your Educational Details, mention the extracurricular activities and achievements.

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Updated: September 25, 2017 — 6:55 am

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