Steps to Take Before a Job Interview

Essential Steps to take before a job Interview: 

Let us know first what is an Interview…

What is an Interview?

Interview is nothing more than a Conference process taken place between an authorized person and an Applicant.

Than what are the types on Interviews?

  • Facial Interviews
  • Interview on Phone call
  • Video-Conferencing
  • Group-Interview
  • Panel interview
  • Behavior-based Interview
  • Sequence-Based Interview.

However, there are some steps you can follow for Interviews:

  1. PRE-PREP: Researching the organization. This might prove as a ball in your court and will  help you answer questions — and you’ll be able to stand out from other candidates. …
  2. Comparing your skills and qualifications required for the job…
  3. Prepare a questionnaire  responses. …
  4. Planning what you must wear. …
  5. Planning what to take with you(documents. Certificates, etc)
  6. Paying attention to body-language.
  7. Contacting back.

You can Discover following advises on job interview preparation,  and shine your techniques and calm your anxieties…

What can you expect there:

Above mentioned different types of interview are explained below:

  • Telephonic-Interview – Initially, employer can  call the finalized candidates based on any job criteria. Applicants who are successful are then invited to the face-to-face interviews.
  • Video Interviews – They can be through Skype, Face Time or YouTube,etc, this type of interview is highly popular for graduates who play  roles in sales, media and marketing..
  • Face-to-face Interview: with any interviewer, after the place you are approaching too, gets confident that you have got whatever they are looking for. They’re usually formal, but some  can take place while having food. Or can be with turns by many other people of the organization
  • Panellic-Interview – It is quite Similar to face-to-face or one-on-one interviews, there is an exception that there are  two or more people – often from different parts of the organization or the company who will be assessing you simultaneously.

  • Group –Here,  Multiple candidates are interviewed together, at the same time just like a viva in schools and colleges. The method is They’re asked questions in turn, or they are told to discuss certain topics.

  • Assessment centres – These centres involve tasks including  presenting before the Audience, giving written tests, and group, role-play and performing skits on  a particular topic. They’re quite helpful to monitor candidate’s performance in any given  range of situations,duration of such kind of interviews many vary.

You Contact the recruiter if you want to be assured who’ll be interviewing you, what is their name  ,and in what formations your interview will be taken or what tasks you will be assigned.

What Happens Before:

Interviews, they  require much research and planning Firstly, you should do the following when preparing for interview:

  • Find out potential questions likely you are going to be asked and prepare answers accordingly.
  • Considering explaining aspects of your CV(Creamy/Non-Creamy layer),or if you have quit a job.
  • You must understand the role or the post that you’re applying for by revising the job description, identifying what skills are needed and apt,varied  interests and experiences the employer is actually looking for.
  • You can Prepare questions which you want to ask the interviewer.
  • Do Read the organization’s website to know about details, their social media profiles and common literature (e.g. business plan, financial reports,etc), to assure that you’re well prepared to share your thoughts and views.
  • Research,if they are booming  the news, trends, who are their competitive companies, job-history and opportunities given by the H.R.department of the organization in terms of getting a raise and its respective jobs.
  • Revise your CV and application form.
  • Make sure you have all your documents handy.
  • Make sure you Choose your outfit the night before, you are hydrated, you are getting plenty of sleep, avoid getting up late, insomnia and avoid excessive alcohol consumption so that you are in your mind and control. You don’t want to lose your spot, do you? You can Plan your journey, by specific apps, aim at arriving the premises ten minutes early and if you live at bay, reach there 30 minutes early. Complete a full skit type in your mind so that you won’t get nervous while actually facing  the interviewer. On the day of the interview, eat a good, healthy breakfast and avoid too much alcohol.
  • You can rise and shine to the top of the job pile with a very professionally written CV, research about it..

What should you take with you:

Your interview invitation must have everything and every detail that you need, but generally you must take:

  • Stay Hydrated, carry a bottle of water;
  • Download GPS, or any application to track down route, it will have  A-Z street map, which can take you to  the destination so that you can search GPS on your mobile phone;
  • Find out details of the person that you must ask for upon arrival on the premises;
  • All exam certificates,give proof  of your experience-work, and you can submit any further evidence of your past successes; Attested and Unattested copies
  • Some money, to travel back home,
  • A pen and notepad, not note down important details;
  • A Valid photo ID (e.g. passport or driving license, Aadhar Card, Pan Card,etc);
  • You must have all the job description and person specification you have to reach to;
  • Carry your CV, letter of application and interview invitation;
  • Carry your mobile phone.

How can you impress them: 

Generally, you can:

  • You must give all answers questions clearly, in a positive tone  and precisely ;
  • You can ask relevant, thought-provoking questions at appropriate moments,special moments when the topic is being discussed, as this can literally  show that you’re honestly immersed  in the job and really listening to the recruiter;
  • Please do avoid talking about any personal problems;
  • Don’t be over-confident,
  • be as enthusiastic and energetic as much as possible;
  • You can be well-mannered with any staff that you meet before the interview; greet them!
  • You can display positive body language, speaking clearly, smiling frequently and retain eye contact;
  • Don’t cut-off sentences which are spoken by employers;
  • give a firm and warm shaking of your hands after entry and exit of your interview process .
  • highlight your best qualities, experiences and certificates, on the basis of perfection of things you have identified to you as important to the organization, and showing them practical examples; showing them you are their best choice if they select you,
  • You can inform your interviewer(s) that you’re available to answer back any questions;
  • let your personality shine;
  • Smile!
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Updated: May 9, 2016 — 6:39 am

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