Common Personal Interview Questions and Answers | Questions and Answers to Face Personal Job Interview

Personal Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews form the integral part of one’s recruitment into any firm or company.The Interview session decides what’s the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates which decides his / her selection or rejection. While going for a Personal Interview, it is very important to do your homework. You have to be fully prepared for any and every questions asked by the Interviewer. Although you can google the Interview questions and prepare accordingly, Confidence forms the most important part for your selection. Many of the companies recruitment personnel on the lower positions by judging their Confidence and Presentation skills and with the increase in the job position, the severity of the Questions rises. We have compiled some of the Personal Interviews and their Answers which will help you grab the opportunity.

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Tell me a bit about  yourself?

This is the most commonly asked Interview questions where the Interviewer ask the Interviewee to  say something about themselves. We all know much about ourselves, however, it is recommended that you only answer the overview. While answering this question, make it just 5 to 6 liner. State your qualification, work experience, and your family background in short. Refrain from saying anything that might be used against you.

Can You Describe yourself using 3 to 5 words ?

While answering this question, state your weaknesses and  your strengths so that the interviewer can judge that you are really interested in working with them. Use the keywords such as Great decision maker, team player, etc that sounds professional.

What Motivates You?

This question will be shot against you for sure. Answer this question intelligently. The Interviewer asked you about your motivation and not your role model which  you might misunderstand. Try to use your previous experience and let the interviewer know  that you are willing to work for the company and increase the sales by taking the team to the highest possible point.

Why did you leave your Last Job?

An another confirmed question that will be shoot at you as the Interviewer wants to know your work experience. In case if you don’t have any work experience and just started working, you can say that you are a fresher whereas for an experienced person, it is important to explain his / her work experience in descending order starting from the last job moving on towards last to last job and so on. A lot of Interviewers are just interested to know about your previous employer so start accordingly. Elaborate further if insisted by the questioner. Never answer Negatively about the previous employer or yourself to be on a safe side.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Interviews for lower positions won’t involve this question, however, interview that involves corporate recruitment do include this question where the Interviewer wants to know what are your ambitions and how motivated you are. The ball is in your court until you have the knowledge about your dreams to pursue and speak it without any hassle.

What Kind of salary  are you expecting?

Your salary depends on many parameters for which the Interviewer is responsible to assess you and propose the salary accordingly.  The one factor is your last drawn salary for which you might get 30% hike in the new salary, however, hike is not promised if you fail to showcase your skills for which the employer can provide you your expected salary. Always start with a realistic sum and be ready for a sort of negotiation as the interviewer will try to pitch the lowest salary.

Do you prefer to work alone or within a team?

If you choose working within a team, it would put a plus point for the interviewer to select you . Working alone sounds not feasible and it won’t impress the interviewer either. Always try to impress the questioner by choosing sort of both the options where you can say that you can work both as within a team and alone if needed. Working in a team has its own benefits which are quite higher than what you could yield working alone.

Do you have any questions for me?

As per studies are concerned, when an interviewer ask this question for which he expect an professional questions. Asking about air conditioning or canteens will not be appropriate. Stick to the Do’s and Don’ts questions.

Has your career developed as you had liked?

Being ambitious is not a bad thing. Self-assessing your skills and settings goals might help you fulfil all your goals. This question might be asked for which the interviewer wants to know about your goals and how much work do you do to fulfil your goals which in turn results in setting even higher goals.

What would you do if your team ceased to perform?

This is a very tricky question. Working in a team means you can work as per the work assigned to you and the assigned projects done by all the team-mates results in completion of a bigger project. However, when this question is asked then in this situation try to be realistic. Do not brag or exaggerate your skills which the interviewer might  guess out that you are pretending. The best answer is to state that you will try to motivate your team-mates to get the work started and keeping them motivated to ensure that the project is completed before the deadline

What type of work environment do you prefer?

Getting to know about the work culture being practised at the office may or may not influence or increase the productivity. You can learn about the work culture of the employer you are seeking interview of by going on to their website where they usually discuss the work culture on the About Us section.

What are your hobbies?

List your hobbies and interests. The employer might try to ask questions just to know if you have stated your hobbies or just took it from the internet. Being realistic is important. List simple things like watching movies or hanging out with friends as your past time.

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