Memory Improvement Tips – How to Improve Your Memory Tips and Exercises

Memory Improvement Tips

Memory Improvement Tips: Memory is a very important faculty of the human brain. The ability to recollect and retrieve stored information is necessary for survival and progress. A good memory separates the successful student from the average aspirant. Just as there are no shortcuts in life, there are no shortcuts to memory improvement. Examinations for academics and recruitment test the candidate’s learning and memory skills. The ability to retain and reproduce information is not only necessary but vital for performing official and professional duties.

Aspirants can go through the following techniques and tips to train their brain for improved memory performance-

What Is Memory?

Memory is the human brain’s ability to store, process, encode, decode, and retrieve data and information. The brain and nervous system coordinate to store physical movements and sensory inputs. The stored data in the form of facts, opinion, trivia, numbers, names, etc.,  is processed and can be retrieved later as it is or in a different form. Memory Improvement Tips

How Many Types Of Memory Are There?

There are three types of memory. They are sensory, short term, and long term memories. The sensory memory refers to the storage of visual and auditory inputs for a negligible amount of time. This memory is temporary  in nature. Short term memory refers to the information that is stored for about half a second or less. Long term memory refers to information that is stored for very long time and can last for an entire lifetime.

Emotional Balance With Attentiveness:

The aspirant has to ensure that he or she is balanced emotionally while pursuing any memory enhancement activity like reading, writing, solving puzzles, recollecting a list of items, etc., A peaceful state of mind and positive attitude help in overcoming disturbances that result from emotional  uncertainty and sensory distractions. Attentiveness has to be improved by focusing the mind on a single activity. Speed should not be applied at the expense of accuracy.

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Information Retention & Memory Enhancement Techniques:

Physical & Mental Health:

Sleep –

  • Sleep should be good, appropriately timed, and restful without disturbances.
  • Sleep helps in improving mental health through neuronal regeneration.
  • Sleep also improves attentiveness and ensures information is stored properly.


  • Foods rich in Vitamin E have to be taken in correct amounts.
  • Food should include vegetable greens, nutrients, and other supplements necessary to strengthen the brain power and efficacy.


  • The body should be exercised properly to improve physical health.
  • Suitable exercises also help in sleeping well and improving mental acuity.
  • The brain receives good amounts of oxygen during exercise and becomes  healthy and rejuvenated.

Mental Exercises To Increase Brain Power:

  • Choose the correct set of mental exercises.
  • The exercises have to be suitable to your taste and aptitude.
  • The exercises should have novelty factor and they should challenge your mental skills.
  • Exercises that are recreational, fun, and joyful in nature can also be practiced at appropriate times.
  • The various exercises are useful for overcoming mental lethargy and laziness. They also help in exploring newer concepts and provide opportunities for the brain to learn creative ways of processing information that help in memory retention.

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Role Of Relationships:

The human brain is capable of efficient thinking when the individual is alone. But the emotional side gets affected. This is the reason why it is very important for aspirants to maintain courteous relationships with one and all. Social networking has to be done to improve career chances, and the right kind of people should only be approached. Such social activities help in overcoming inhibitions, and the brain functioning is enhanced which in turn helps in improvement of memory power.

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Concentration & Focus:

Memory and Consciousness are interlinked. The aspirant has to improve his or her attentiveness to details. This helps in improved focus and the power of concentration is also considerably enhanced. Only one task should be taken up at a time and accomplishment should be ensured. Multi-tasking should be avoided unless the aspirant can claim he or she is in the ‘Expert’ category in relation to efficient mental performance.

Cool Tools, Tricks, & Games :

Newspaper Crosswords, Brain Teasers, Jumbles, and Other Word Games:

The daily newspapers have crosswords, jumbled words, and other word games to help improve language skills. A dictionary can be kept aside while solving difficult puzzles or puzzles in the beginner and intermediate category should be solved for improving memory power.

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Sudoku, Kakuro, Hitori, Futoshiki, and Other Japanese Math Games:

These games are entertaining and help the aspirant to improve his or her numerical skills. More complex puzzles can be attempted after sufficient confidence is gained. Care should be taken to avoid spending too much time on these recreational exercises.

Chess, Mahjong, Go, Chronology, Scrabble, and Other Intelligent Board Games:

The brain has to work regularly in order to function efficiently. The above games help in the improvement of logic, memory retention, and vocabulary. Competitive spirit also develops while playing an opponent and satisfaction is guaranteed when victory is achieved.

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TV Viewing:

Watching TV should not be a passive activity. Modern TV services offer e-learning and knowledge-based channels.  The appropriate programs have to be watched with attention and sufficient enthusiasm. Watching a foreign language channel with subtitles can also be considered occasionally provided the aspirant has sufficient interest and inclination.

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Google Search:

The Internet can be put to good use in many ways. The aspirant can open a search engine of his or her choice and try out various search strategies. This helps in improving mental alertness and maintenance of curiosity levels that are necessary for pursuing psychological activities of importance.

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Learning a Foreign Language:

The research in psychology proves that brains react well to novel situations and fresh events. Curiosity and interest are generated when creative and innovative activities are pursued. Learning a foreign language may seem daunting at first, but there are  benefits like –  improved alertness, enthusiasm, and increases retentive power, along with efficient functioning of the brain.

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