How to Learn Basic Programming Skills

How to Learn Basic Computer Programming Skills?

  • First let us learn what is programming?

BASIC means Beginner’s All purpose,Symbolic Instruction Code. which is a very highly-skilled level of programming which is used by philosophers.


History is back then, where John.G.kemedy, and Tomas.E.Kurtz actually were behing BASIC , and were successful in moulding the language in DARTOMOUTH COLLEGE,New Hampshire .There main Aim is to make students enabled to access mathematics and science, which was very basic for scientists. Back in the day, in mid 1970s and 1980s where microcomputers were just invented, BASIC became to be well-known.


Among many other purposes, basic served the whole and sole purpose of allowing small business firms and company, to manufacture and construct basic software in use for their business. BASIC serve as main form in influencing many dialects and information, and specially encoding in Microsoft’s Visual Basic Language.


Released on May 1, 1964, John and Thomas were all ready to start BASIC with the help of their followers BASIC word is generally the acronym which comes from a paper written by Thomas Kurtz. The main intention behind creating BASIC is to enable all people having or not having mathematical background. Helping others in the field of science and computer, and wow, in maths was considered to be a novelty and something worth a prize at that time.


See, programming is an interesting tool and a task to complete where one has to use their intellectual in order to get things done. It also offers a huge range to career-opportunities for an individual. But for that you have to be well-versed with basic language.


Computers aren’t that much intelligent to text and type whatever you give them, in best possible way, if you type them, draw a bird they will, if you insert a wrong information and data about certain issues, they will count those things wrong.


Programming languages are defined as instructions to a computer with commands that both the computer and the programmer can easily have access to.


These are the one which have different set of rules and commands for entering; similar to the tone people speak variety of words to each other with the same context. One may say hola, other may say hello .,Synonyms.

Human languages, such as French and Spanish, are similar to each other, as computer programming languages can be too. Programming languages that are similar are usually referred to as relatable; languages. Once a person get a hold of programming language, it is quicker to then learn other languages especially those related to the first, just like A-Z as  there are many similarities in the structure between languages, especially those coming with a common ancestor.

The language taught here that is, BASIC, is easier to learn than others as its commands are similar to English and has a simple set of rules for entering into the search engine.


The language you  are opting to write and utter has a specific structure: if we go for an example, a book has various chapters with paragraphs that have sentences ,sentences consist of words. Programs  are generally written in Visual Basic Language ,they  also have a structure: modules are twins and are like chapters, procedures are sisters to paragraphs, and code-lines are like having  sentences.

When you talk or write, you process varied categories of words, such as grammatical. Adjectives  verbs, or nouns. Each class is used according to a defined set of rules. In other language, Visual Basic is  very much like the language that you are using every day. Visual Basic Language also has  basic rules that defines how these class of words, which are known as programming elements, are used to jot-down programs.

Programming elements in terms of Visual Basic language include  keywords statements,  methods, operators, and declarations, As you complete the following  you will start  learning more about the elements and how can you process them.

Any spoken language also has syntax, that defines the order of words in a given sentence. Visual Basic also has a particular syntax—it may look strange at first, but it is actually very easy. For example maximum speed of Lisa’s  car  55″, when you are supposed to write:

Car.Speed.Maximum = 55

We can learn about the working , and tools in Visual Basic Language such as IntelliSense ,which will provide you with appropriate guidance in using the correct syntax when you  are writing program.


You can read through some of the basic tutorials for vernacular languages. If you’re still are not sure which language you should show a green flag in learning, go through some of the tutorials for a few languages. If one language in particular, is  making more sense to you than the rest, than try it out for a bit to see if it does click your persona. There are infinite other tutorials for every programming which are easily available online.

  • THE PHYTON – A really great as a starter  that is also very powerful when you get hold with it. Getting hands on for many  applications on the web and  game series.
  • LEARNING Java – It is Used in countless types of programs, from what?  games to web applications to any ATM software.
  • HTML – It is an essential starting place for any starter developer in the web. Having a  acute handle on HTML is importantly before moving on to any other sort of development.
  • C – Considered as One of the older languages, C is still a powerful tool used, and is the most basic for the more modern Objective-C ,C#, and C++,. and many more.


There are hefty and Ample of programming languages require compilers, which are generally programs which are  designed translating a codic-language that a machine can  easily encode. Other languages, such as Python, uses an interpreter which can easily execute the programs at an without having the need to compile.

  • Some languages may have softwares usually has a code editor, a debugger and/or interpreter, and a lastly compiler. Thus, allowing the programmer in performing any necessary function at one place. These IDEs may also in-built visual representations of object directories and hierarchies.
  • There are a variety of code editors which are available online. These programs offer many different ways of developer-friendly tools highlighting and providing other syntax .
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