Top 10 Last Minute Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams to Get Success –

Last Minute Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams:

Have you ever considered reading for the last few hours or minutes before the exams? A number of candidates experience this dilemma whether to study till the last minute or not. The confusion is mainly due to lack of proper understanding and clear thinking. Anxiety and stress levels also play an important role in this indecisiveness. Drop your vulnerability now! We are here to guide you regarding this important decision on last minute preparation tips.

Students from schools and colleges try and study till the last minute. They use these last few minutes for revision and cramming answers to frequently asked questions. This has become a common thing nowadays. Keeping this in view, our website staff have prepared a set of instructions and guidelines for last minute preparation. You can study the following summarized tips and implement them for your benefit –Last Minute Preparation Tips

  1. Make An Early Start

Do not waste any time and start revision in an earnest manner. Eat a short amount of food to stay alert, awake, and attentive. There is very little time left and so you have to utilize every single minute in an optimal fashion. Do a quick revision session and then take a deep breath. Let the information sink into your mind. You can relax briefly after that.

  1. Make Good Use Of Notes And Cheat Sheets –

You do not have too much time on your hands. So use skimming techniques only while reading. Quickly  get to the main point or list and do not waste any time on reading introduction or lengthy sentences. Keep the text books aside and concentrate only on the prepared notes and cheat sheets. Revise formulae, equations, mnemonics, and diagrams in a speedy manner.

Exam Time Management Tips

  1. Utilize Available Time In A Flexible Manner –

When you do not have enough time, you cannot be stubborn and insistent. You cannot study comprehensively. You can only read a little and do thorough revision. Do not become angry or show false determination that you can read an entire chapter and even understand it very quickly. This is not possible particularly if the topic is complex. Be very flexible and make efficient use of remaining time to study in a limited but effective manner.

How To Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

  1. Do Not Try Teaching Or Talking Through For Memorizing Purpose-

There is no need to talk through what you learnt just now. You should avoid talking about the recently learnt material for the last 5 or 10 minutes before the start of exam. You should avoid loitering in the corridor looking for someone who can hear you repeat or even teach them the new material. Silently memorize the points or stay quiet as you enter the exam centre.

Group Discussion Tips

  1. Do Not Solve Too Many Past Papers –

When time is at a premium, the last thing you should do is take too many practise tests. This will only waste time and increase anxiety levels. You should instead concentrate on reading and memorizing bullet lists and important notes. If you have to solve past papers then be reasonable and solve only couple of papers that have significance. You can keep these papers aside beforehand so they can be accessed quickly when there is very little time left for preparation.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Exams

  1. Take Sufficient Rest If Exam Schedule Is Hectic –

The student has no role to play in how the exams are scheduled. You may not get sufficient time if there are back-to-back exams. The challenge grows if the papers are difficult and harder to tackle. This leads to exhaustion and increased levels of stress. The solution lies in relaxing and reposing for sufficient time. You should always consume healthy food and listen to lively and melodious music for some time. The mind and body have to be rested so they can function more efficiently later.

Frequently Asked Questions during a Personal Interview

  1.  It Is Silly To Study To Your Strengths –

Last minute preparation makes strange demands on the student. Because of eagerness or indecisiveness, you can make common and silly mistakes. One big mistake that should be avoided at any cost is to study and revise to your strengths. If you are confident of some subject, do not waste time on re-reading or re-revising. Instead, focus your attention and limited time on covering up your weaknesses. Revise and reread those difficult to remember things like – history dates, math formulae, and equations once again. Try and visualize any complex diagram or picture.\

How to Initiate a Group Discussion

  1. Memorize With A Mind Map –

Preparing for exams till the last minute has to be effective and efficient. Effectiveness can be ensured by using memory methods. You can quickly make a mind map of a difficult topic. All the complex but related concepts can be reduced to keywords. These keywords can then be connected using diagrams. You can make up your own mind map or you can download student-specific templates and formats that are available online. Last minute preparation can be efficient only if you memorize with clarity and keenness.

Most Commonly Asked Bank Personal Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Optimize Your Hearing Powers –

Learning can become monotonous if you stick only to reading, writing, memorizing, and visualizing. You have to exercise your mind in a different way to optimize its functionality. You have to put your ears to good use and listen to audio lessons. Auditory powers have a powerful affect on the mind and memory can be strengthened to an optimal level. This in turn helps improve concentration and curiosity. Reading out aloud can also help in strengthening the hearing and listening powers. You can always return to regular study methods of revising by reading at the last minute.

  1.  Strengthen Shoulder And Arm Power

Exams have to be written with the hands. Yes, there are online and oral exams. But the most frequent and regular thing you do while appearing for exams is writing down answers with a pen or pencil. This activity takes up considerable energies and you also require good levels of concentration and commitment while writing for long periods of time. You have to practise writing in a disciplined manner and improve your handwriting. Your shoulders, arms, and fingers have to be flexible and strong. Eating protein-rich food during last minute preparations will ensure you have strong upper body strength. You will also not get exhausted quickly while writing lengthy essays in the exam.

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