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Job Searching Tips For Recent Passed Out College Graduates

Job Searching Tips for Graduates: Fresh Graduates with academic degrees and professional certificates aspire for a rewarding and satisfying career. The aspirants enter the employment market with lots of hope and excitement. They also have to contend with doubts, uncertainties, and trepidation. The competitive environment combined with peer and family pressure leads to anxiety and stress. In such a scenario, It is essential for the job seekers to approach appropriate people and study relevant information before initiating their efforts to secure a career.job searching tips

Graduates who completed their education recently and passed out in flying colours can read through the following instructions for guidance in seeking a job-

Plan Your Efforts:

The aspirant has to be careful not to jump into the fray too soon. He or she has to relax for a couple of days after graduation. A proper strategy can be prepared before starting the job hunt. The following factors can be taken into consideration for this – allotment of time, level of commitment, willingness to self-educate and gain experience, state of mind, ability to adjust and adapt, and setting a reasonable goal.

Approach An Advisor:

Young graduates who committed themselves to education on  a full-time basis would have little or no work experience. The absence of knowledge in this regard leads to confusion and low self-esteem. The aspirant should approach an appropriate person for guidance. A counsellor, experienced professional or a friend who succeeded in securing a job recently can be asked to provide adequate morale boosting advice.

Assess Your Strengths:

Self-help is the best help. It is essential for the aspirant to assess his or her strengths using the following  tips –

  • A little time has to be allotted for introspection.
  • The performance in academics has to be reviewed, and positives must be noted.
  • Additional skills or experience has to be taken into consideration.
  • A list of desirable personality traits can be prepared.

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Overcome Your Weaknesses:

The aspirant has to come to terms with his or her weaknesses very soon. There is no point in postponing self-analysis involving one’s own negative habits. The failure to accept and acknowledge weaknesses can be harmful. It is better to seek guidance in this matter . The aspirant has to make a strong commitment to fight failures and overcome hurdles.

Grab The Opportunities:

Inexperienced candidates with high expectations usually make the mistake of aiming too high.  There should not be any reluctance or delay on the part of job seeker to grab any chance that comes his or her way. There has to be willingness and the nearest opportunity should be grabbed with both hands. The following list of opportunities can be considered by aspirants – A part-time job, temporary work with stipend, employment in unfamiliar domain, helping out someone with their business in an informal manner, undesignated full-time work, posting below the expected level, etc.,

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Drive Away The Threats:

You cannot control what is not in your hands. The employment market is unpredictable and the world is full of uncertainties. There are many factors that are beyond the scope of our understanding and management. Some of these may pose a threat and we have to be guarded. Threats could take the shape of any of the following –

  • Changes in Government Policy or Laws that affect the chosen profession or industry.
  • Redundancy of certain type of skills.
  • Emergence of newer concepts and technologies.
  • Competitive and non-cooperative employment environment.

Choose Your Field:

Once the candidate is confident that he or she has gathered enough preliminary data in terms of the above mentioned guideline, appropriate decisions can be taken regarding –

  • Choice of Profession –

Various sectors – Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Defence, Education, State and Central Governments, Public Sector Units, Automobiles, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Textiles, Private Enterprises.

Various designations – Clerical Grade, Officers, Executives, Engineers, Medical Professionals, Research Associates and Fellowships, Technical Personnel, etc.,

  • Hastening or Postponing Job finding efforts.
  • Joining a class or pursuing self-study to improve skills and acquire new knowledge.
  • Preparing a timetable or drawing up a comprehensive plan or strategy for seeking employment in the chosen profession.

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Be Resourceful:

Aspirants have to show initiative, eagerness and commitment to access the different employment-related solutions. The various helpful resources for finding an appropriate job are listed below-

  • University Career Services/ College Career Centre – The counsellors, guides, mentors, seniors, well-wishers, lecturers, etc., can be approached for suggestions.
  • Job Consultancies /Employment Services/Recruitment Agencies –Ensure you approach agencies offering quality services with or without registration fees.
  • Publications – Daily newspaper vacancy columns, employment specific newspapers, yellow pages, fortnightly and monthly journals, etc.,
  • Internet – employment services websites, social networking resources like Twitter, Facebook, Forums, email lists, Google searches, etc.,
  • Audio-Visual Aids – DVDs and Videos that are related to career-oriented services can be accessed from appropriate and relevant sources.

  • Memberships, Meetings, Melas – The aspirant should consider joining libraries and professional associations. He or she should take part in job melas, recruitment drives, and attend seminars and conferences that are of professional interest.  Such activities can help improve the chances of securing a preferred designation in chosen profession or academic field.

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Build Relationships:

Finding a job and pursuing a career is part of social life. Success in life cannot be possible without adequate social and interpersonal skills. The aspirant has to show emotional balance, invest time, and commit himself or herself to build meaningful relationships with affable people including family, friends, neighbours, online social media acquaintances, and others.  The following tips can be implemented in order to strengthen private networking and improve chances of finding a job at the earliest –

  • Prepare a list of acquaintances and friends who can be approached for advice.
  • Take help and approach senior executives, HR recruiters, head hunters, and other people who are in a position to give employment.
  • Increase the number of your contacts and build friendly relations with larger number of people.
  • Seek information and suggestions from people who are not too familiar.
  • Asking favours should only be restricted to people who are closer and more understanding of your needs and situation.
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