Indian Air Force Interview Question Answers – IAF Interview Questions with Answers

Indian Air Force Interview Question Answers – Prominent Question And Answers – Effective Answers- Airmen Interview Tips

IAF Airmen – Useful Question And Answers: IAF (Indian Air Force) is a prestigious defence organization that protects the skies of India from foreign aggression. The IAF employees fighting-fit and energetic individuals for a daring and adventurous career in Defence Services. However, the selection criteria of IAF are rigorous and only those candidates are recruited who have the necessary qualities and qualifications. Depending on the job designation, Aspirants have to display technical knowledge, various skills, and physical stamina. The selection process includes skills tests, written exams, and interviews. The interview is the final step in selection and it is very crucial in securing the desired Defence Job. So, we listed here some of the most important Indian Air Force Interview Question Answers to help candidates in final round. Aspirants who desire to become Airmen have to practice for the interview in a careful and planned manner to achieve success. The following tips, frequent questions, and suggested answers can be utilised in an effective and efficient manner by interested candidates.

Indian Air Force Interview Question Answers

Indian Air Force Interview Tips:

  • Interview is a very crucial and typical component of the whole selection procedure.
  • You have to be very confident, punctual, and make a good impression at the very beginning of the interview.
  • Overcome negative outlook and do not display any sense of anxiety or hesitation.
  • Body language is important, so maintain good eye-contact to show that your alert.
  • Answer confidently and make positive hand gestures with cheerful facial expressions.
  • Always back up your theoretical answer with practical case study or example.
  • Use books and internet to research IAF, its strengths and your own job title.
  • Always stress your abilities and special talents that are suitable to the field of work.
  • Be goal-oriented and display a sense of dedication. Show that you have positive qualities and not just merit on paper.
  • There is no substitute to hard work, so practice, practice, and practice more till you succeed.
  • Take help of friends or mentors and conduct mock interview sessions using the guidelines provided here.

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Indian Air Force Interview Question Answers:

Question 1. Tell me briefly about yourself?

Ans. – This is the first standard question which is common in all interviews. You have to answer shortly by mentioning personal and professional details in a confident manner.

Question 2: Why should we hire you?

Ans. – Do not compare yourself with others. Instead, clearly specify all your positives attributes and then connect them with the requirements of the current vacancy.

Question 3: What are your weak and strong points?

Ans. – Mention weaknesses first. Specify only harmless flaws that do not affect your job chances. Highlight your positive characteristics using good body language and a smile.

Question 4: Speak about your past experiences?

Ans. – If you have previous job experience, narrate a situation in which you applied your skills and talent to good effect. Otherwise, make sure you only speak of incidents that have relation to the specified details in your resume.

Question 5: What is your overall career objective? And where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ans. – Give an earnest and appealing answer and highlight your desires, dreams, and aspirations. Do not get carried away, be realistic, and specify a target suitable to your level of talent, academic qualification, and skill sets.

Question 6: How do you resolve a fight? Give your own personal example?

Ans. – You have to answer this question by stressing that you are a team player with good conduct and integrity. Say that you can solve a fight by using your mediation and inter-personal skills in a friendly but fair manner.

Question 7: Rate yourself on a scale of 10 on the basis of your technological knowledge?

Ans. – Position yourself as average or good unless you have solid proof of exceptional success, certificates, and rewards.

Question 8: Name three each of your positive and negative qualities?

Ans. – Team spirit, discipline, and self-belief are positives. Negatives include fewer friends, food habits, bad dress sense, etc., – only something personal, not professional.

Intimate & Highly Personal Questions:

Check out the following two intimately personal questions which are asked by some interviewers so as to assess your social responsibility, value system, principles, etc.,

Question 9: Your surname is different. Why is it so?

Ans. –  Specify that India is diverse and convey that you know about your own ancestry and personal relationships within the family.

Question 10: What is your view about arranged marriage & love marriage, which is best?

Ans. – Be honest as this is very personal and intimate method of knowing your values and belief systems. If you have strong opinions on freedom and westernization, then reply strongly, otherwise speak of family values and traditional upbringing.

Repeat Question:

This question can be asked multiple times by some professional interviewers in a sudden and unexpected manner.

Question 11: Why should we hire you?

Ans. – If this is a repeat question, just to assess your alertness and consistency, then be careful. Give the same reply you gave at the beginning of the interview session to show that you have personal integrity and concentration powers.

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