IIFT Exam Pattern 2018 – Check IIFT MBA 2018 Syllabus, Exam Pattern

IIFT Exam Pattern/Syllabus 2018:

The IIFT is constantly changing its Exam pattern every year but the exam is based on MCQ and the sections are remained same. For the candidates who are going to appear the IIFT Exam 2018 should know the IIFT Exam Pattern to prepare properly for the exam. For the interested students who want to appear in the next IIFT Exam 2018 we publish the IIFT syllabus and the IIFT Exam Pattern 2018 in details. There are four different sections in the question paper. They are:

  • General Awareness
  • English Comprehension
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Data Interpretation

IIFT Admit Card

Check the below table for the overall Marks distribution, to acquainted with details of all the section please scroll down.

Section Total no. of questions Marks per question Total Marks Good Attempts Achievable Score Ideal Time (in minutes)
General Awareness 26 0.50 13 12-15 4-5 10-12
English Usage 20 0.75 15 20-22 11-13 35-40
Reading Comprehension 17 1.00 17
Logical Reasoning 20 1.00 20 10-12 9-11 20-25
Data Interpretation 15 1.00 15 14-16 11-12 40-45
Quantitative Ability 20 1.00 20
Overall 118 100 56-65 38-40 120
  • General Knowledge & General Awareness:

A candidate who is good in general knowledge can quickly score good marks here and can save the time for the next section.

Have a look how the IIFT have planned the portion of GK in last few years IIFT 2009, IIFT 2010, IIFT 2011, IIFT 2012, IIFT 2013 and IIFT 2014:-

Exam Edition Total Marks     Number of Questions     Marks per Question     Max Marks
IIFT 2009 8 20 0.4 8
IIFT 2010 12 30 0.4 12
IIFT 2011 10.5 21 0.5 10.5
IIFT 2012 14 28 0.5 14
IIFT 2013 14 28 0.5 14
IIFT 2014 13 26 0.5 13

Some important Areas for IIFT 2018 GK Section

  • International Bodies, their functions, their chief personals and their offices. For instance; United Nations, IMF, BRICS, etc.
  • Main Sporting Events like Olympics, CWG India, Winter Olympics, Asian Games, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Billiards, Chess, etc.
  • Main Political events
  • Economy related events like, FII, FDI Stock Market, etc.

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  • English Comprehension:

Check here the total number of question allotted for the comprehension & verbal Ability and their level of difficulty so that you can prepare likewise

In English section there are 38 questions out of which 15 questions were on Reading Comprehension and 23 were on vocabulary and grammar.

In comprehension the topic of the passages will be

  • Standardization of the Shipping Containers,
  • Consumer behavior,
  • Lawyers’ Remunerations,
  • India Banks’ global Presence
Subject Matter No. of Questions Level of Difficulty
Difficult Medium Easy
Standardization of the Shipping Containers, , Lawyer’s’ Remunerations, Consumer  behavior, India Banks’ global Presence 15 5 8 2
No. of questions per passage 4 passages. 4-4-4-3
Length of passage 1 and a quarter page

Verbal Ability:

Subject matter No of Questions Level of Difficulty
Difficult Medium Easy
Change the Speech 2 2
Mark the Error 2 2
Wrongly spelt word 1 1
Match words with meanings 2 2
Jumbled Sentences 1 1
Latin Phrases/Figure of Speech/One word  substitution 4 1 2 1
Homonyms 2 1 1
Word jumble 2 2
Fill in the Blanks (single/ paragraph/ Jumbled sequence based) 5 2 2 1
Antonyms 2 2

The topics in the Verbal Ability are:

  • Fill in the Blanks (single/ paragraph/ Jumbled sequence based)
  • Homonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Word jumble
  • Mark the Error
  • Change the Speech
  • Match words with meanings
  • Latin Phrases/Figure of Speech/One word substitution
  • Latin Phrases/Figure of Speech/One word substitution
  • Quantitative Aptitude

This section is related to the Mathematics

Subjects Matter No. of Questions Level of Difficulty
Difficult Medium Easy
Geometry 3 3
Ratio (Mixture &Alligation, Proportion & Variation, Ratio, TSD, Pipes & Cisterns,  Works and Misc.) 4 2 2
Numbers( Number, HCF/LCF, Averages, Divisibility, Surds & Indices, BODMAS  etc. 7 1 3 3
Algebra 1 1
Percentages (Percentages, SI/CI, Partnership, Profit & Loss) 4 4
Modern Math [Set theory, Functions, Permutation & Combination, Probability,  Log, Series (AP/GP, Sequence, Series)] 5 5
  • Data Interpretation

The section is easy for the aspirants who can able to handle large sets of data.

Subject Matter No. of Sets Difficulty level
Easy Medium Difficult
Bar Graph 1 Set – 5 questions 1 set
Table 2 Sets- 11 questions 1 set 1 set
  • Logical Reasoning

This is the easiest section of the question paper. The candidates are advised to attempt more her to score good.

Subject Matter No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Difficult Medium Easy
Syllogisms 2 1 1
Information based 3 3
Arrangement 4 2 2
Coding – Decoding 6 2 4
Course of action 2 1 1
Team Selection 2 1 1
Blood Relations 2 2

IIFT 2018 Syllabus:

Candidates has to practice all this topics nicely so that they can write properly in the exam. We try to gather all the important topics related to the section mentioned by the IIFT exam Board

English Comprehension:

Proverb Punctuation
Conditionals & Multiple Usage Mood
Incorrect words mania & phobia
Errors in word choice Fill In the Blanks
Analogies Jumbled paragraphs with 4 or 5 sentences
Antonyms Foreign language words used in English
idioms one word substitution
Comprehension of passage Syllogisms
Contextual usage Verbal Reasoning
odd man out Sentence correction
Different usage of same word Sentence completion

Logical Reasoning:

Puzzles Matrix arrangements
Linear arrangements Identifying Probably true
Probably false definitely false kind of statement
definitely true Cause and Effect
Statements and assumptions Assertion and reasons
Questions from these topics are asked Assumption-Premise-Conclusion
Visual reasoning Critical reasoning
Statements and conclusions Identifying valid inferences
Identifying Strong arguments and Weak arguments Family tree problem
Symbol Based problems Coding and decoding
Sequencing Identifying next number in series etc.

Quantitative Analysis:

 Geometry (Lines, angles, Triangles, Spheres, Rectangles, Cube, Cone, etc.)  Mode
Ratios and Proportion Number Base System
 Ratios  BODMAS
 Percentages  Mensuration
 In-equations Quadratic and linear equations Algebra Allegation & Mixtures
 Profit & Loss  Work
 Averages Pipes and Cisterns
Percentages Simple Interest & Compound Interest
 Partnership Set Theory
Time-Speed-Distance Venn Diagram
Work and time  Installment Payments
Number system  Partnership
 HCF  Clocks
 LCM  Probability
 Geometric Progression  Permutations & Combinations
 Arithmetic progression  Topics like Trigonometry
Arithmetic mean Vectors
Geometric mean  Binomial Expansion
Harmonic mean  Co-ordinate geometry
Median  Logarithm

Hope this tentative IIFT 2018 Exam Pattern will help you in exam preparation but remember that IIFT Exam Board may change the Exam pattern this year SO please do not depend fully on this pattern. More than this if you prepare nicely then whatever may be the exam pattern you can able to score good. Carrersplus Team Wishes you for the IIFT 2018 Exam .

All The Very Best!!

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