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IBPS Clerk Exam Interview Question with Tips – List of most frequently asked Interview Questions and How to Answer them:

IBPS Clerk Examinations are undertaken by the IBPS. The Exams are in two stages that are Prelims and Mains. The Applicant’s successful attempt to get qualified through the CWE and being called for the Interview is appreciable. It takes a lot of knowledge and willpower to overcome the odds beating them with the selection ratio of only 1 out of 1000. So after qualifying for the Personal Interviews, it just that moment which decides the fate of his/her life and has a long lasting effect. The Job Security provided by this Interview would be nowhere to be seen in private sectors and hence with a lot of facilities, allowances, services, being given to a particular individual is surely 1 in 1000. Here is an explicit guide on how to prepare for that very moment that will be the turning point of your life.IBPS Clerk Exam Interview Questions and answers

As known, Interviews have many questions and to be confident is the sole key to answering them.

The Interviewer might ask you to say something about yourself. While answering this question, be sure to have the key points in yourself and the resume. Creating a replica of other candidate’s resume will result in a bad impression.

You have to be specific about why you had chosen the Banking sector because this question will be asked at any moment. To prepare for this question, you can refer various books available online and offline. It’s good to go through all the basic yet important guidelines and policies issued by the RBI. Plenty of knowledge about the policies can land you into the good books of the interviewer. Strike the perfect chords when answering any sort of question, being stupid or foolish will land you nowhere. It is good to be calm, sensible and full of confidence.

A lot of Interviews have seen question-based on the future plans of the interviewee and the growth the will accomplish when in service. Although bragging won’t help, be as simple as you can. Speaking about the priority of the job and banks in your life will have a positive impact on the Interviewer. You can go on explaining the importance of banks, the goals you wish to achieve for you and the bank both. Maintaining a professional code of conduct throughout that very critical 10 minutes of Interview.

If you don’t know the answer, don’t try to give the explanation. Do not get puzzled as most of the Interviewers chose tricky questions to evaluate the potential of the candidates contesting for the job. Have a positive approach towards any problem and ink it in words when asked. Take your time analyzing the depth of the question asked and prepare yourself for either the answer or with an escape plan to trick the interviewer to proceed to the next question.

There are many common mistakes made by the fellow candidates when asked during the Interview however it should be rectified as soon as possible and most probably during your preparation period before the Interview.

A Strong Introduction is needed to strike odds and stands among odds. Be creative while answering the first question about yourself as it’s not good to mug up about oneself. Create a professional resume to attract the masses. As the Clerk’s Interview in based in Banking sector, you should update yourself will the current affairs as well.

As per an Interview experience shared by one of the Candidates currently posted in the Syndicate Bank, she expresses her experience of Interview as wonderful. 4 Interviewers were waiting to interview her inside the Interview room. When she arrived, the first thing asked by one of the Interviewer was what’s her name? Which was then followed by increasing magnitude of a question? A very usual question was asked to evaluate her potential. Why Punjab is called Punjab?. After a series of questions, she was given the post of Clerk. As per her suggestion, it is important to fulfill yourself with the general knowledge and general awareness.

To make yourself a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to Banking, grab these given books in which you will get detailed knowledge about the banking sector and current affairs.

Barons of Banker by Bakhtiar Kumar Dadabhoy

India Book 2013 by the Government of India

Below are some frequently asked question in the IBPS Clerk’s Interviews –

Tell me something about Yourself?

The answer to this question should be straightforward, professional, and honest. Bragging and mugging won’t help you to answer this or any of the questions asked during the interview.

Did you get a chance to involve into any extracurricular activities during your academic days?

The underlying aim is to evaluate your leadership skills and potential to perform extraordinarily.

Why have you opted for a banking career?

For this question, you need to become familiar with the banking sector. Go through the above mentioned books to get your syrup of knowledge. Play smartly, don’t hesitate.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

It is a self-evaluation question. Just express what you aspire to become and be realistic as long as possible.

Every question asked will determine what you are up to, what is your capabilities, and abilities.

Here are other question asked during the Interview. You required to make yourself familiar with the answers of these question.

  • Why you are looking for a banking career even if you are an engineer by education?
  • Tell us about your first interaction with a bank?
  • What do you like to change in a bank?
  • What do you expect from a customer facing employee?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why are you not joining any a private sector bank when there are a lot of opportunities exist there?
  • What do you think about new technical innovations in the banking sector?
  • Are you ready to be relocated to anywhere in the state?
  • Why you resigned your previous job / Why you are planning to change your current job ?
  • How well the internet banking and phone banking helps people to do their day to day banking?
  • What is the career path that you are expecting from a bank?

And much more.

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