IAS Toppers Interview Questions and Answers – Tips to Crack IAS Interview

IAS Toppers Interview Questions

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is a coveted position in India and therefore, the IAS examination are considered the toughest examination. IAS Examination comprises of Written Test and Interview where both are tough to crack, however, those with sheer excellence and intelligence can crack. Now that the IAS Interviews are soon to be conducted, we have compiled a list of IAS Toppers Interview Questions that will help in cracking the toughest interviews in India.

Cracking an interview of IAS is difficult as only a fraction of the large number of entrants are shortlisted for the privileged post of IAS officer and therefore, clearing the IAS Interview without much preparation is not possible. There are people who had cleared the IAS Interviews and we have intercepted them to know what questions are asked in IAS Toppers and how to answer them so that the IAS aspirants who will be going for the interview can be benefited by referring the list of questionnaire and answers.

IAS Toppers Interview Questions

How to become an IAS Officer:

The Union Public Service Commission is responsible for conducting the Indian Administrative Services Examination in India every year. The IAS is among the 24 services such as IFS, IPS, etc conducting by UPSC under Civil Services Examination where only the brilliant candidates are shortlisted. The selection procedure is bifurcated into three stages that are Prelims, Mains Written Test, and Interview.

How to Crack IAS Examination:

IAS Examination is one of the most toughest examination conducted by UPSC and therefore, it requires optimum amount of dedication in order to crack the examination. People those who will be participating in the IAS Examination start their preparation more than 9 to 10 months in advance so that they can acquire the required knowledge and intelligence to prepare for examination and interview. Starting preparation way earlier in advance helps acquire the required analytical, reading, and other skills.

There are certain essential entities that one must acquire to crack the IAS Examination that is right study and the right guidance.

IAS Toppers Interview Questions:

During an IAS Interview, the interviewers appointed by UPSC would ask questions to examine the mental and logical thinking of the candidates and therefore, one must answer all the questions logically.

If I took 8 men about en hours to build a wall, how much time would it take for four men to build the wall?

Ans – No Time! As the wall is already built.

How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

Ans – It is not a problem to lift an elephant as you will never find one with one hand.

How can a man lives eight days without sleep?

Ans – No problems as he can sleep during night.

What appears like an half apple?

Ans – The other half.

If someone throws a red colored stone into a blue colored sea, what it will become?

Ans – It will become wet or it will sink.

Which state is Bay of Bengal in?

Ans – Liquid State.

What happened after wheel was invented?

Ans – An revolution was caused.

What do you learn from your mistakes?

Ans – This is a logical question. You can answer this question by answering that everyone makes mistakes but you are one of those who realize the mistake made  and never repeat it.

Why should we appoint you?

Ans – Note that this question is for assessing how do you defend your position in the Interview. You can answer with your work experience and other achievements that can put you in lead.

A man builds a house of a rectangular shape with four sides with each having exposure to the southern side. If a big bear walks in, what color will he be?

Ans – White.

IAS Toppers Interview Questions Asked during HR Round:

An interviewer  orders a cup of coffee and keep it in front of the candidates asking the question, “What is before you?”.

Ans – The right answer is “T” or “Tea” as the question was “What is before U?”

An interviewer asks that where Lord Rama would have celebrated his first diwali?

Ans – The answer is he wouldn’t have celebrated it as Diwali is celebrated after Lord Krishna killed Narakasura.

Tips to Improve Performance during IAS Interview:

  • The aspirants must enter the interview room with confidence as there are at least 5 members who will be conducting the interview.
  • Sit properly as waving and shaking hands could display that you are nervous.
  • Make eye-to-eye connection to any interview who ask any question and answer confidently yet logically.
  • Interviewers want to know your personality and therefore, elaborating your answer over the question asked excessively is not helpful. Be precise and explain only when asked.
  • Bid a Happy Good Day and Thank you when leaving the interview room.
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