HR Interview Questions For Freshers

In this competitive world of economy and finance, it is necessary that a person should be able to earn his / her daily livelihood. For that purpose a person need to have a job. And getting hired in a company like Infosys, TCS, HCL and many more, is like trying to achieve something which is impossible unless a person know how to handle such mental and physical pressure of HR interview questions.

HR interview, is a final round of the selection process where a candidate need to present themselves confidently and need to answer all the questions presented by the interview panel.

Brief introduction

When an interviewer asks you such questions like “Tell about yourself “and “Introduce yourself”. A candidate needs to present a brief and accurate description about them. In which they need to mention about their educational and professional experience and qualification. Moreover, they can provide additional information about their career goals and their personality.

Tell us about your strengths and weakness?

In this question an interviewer tries to trick or confuse the candidate by making them explain about their strengths and weakness. And most of the candidate doesn’t take this such seriously and it is possible that they might answer this question without thinking much. Instead, the candidate can answer this question in a smart manner that even the interviewer panel shouldn’t confuse the candidate by cross questioning them.

Why do think that I should hire you?

Firstly, in this form of question the interviewer wants to know how confident the candidate is about themselves. Secondly, the interviewer need to know how prepared is they to answer this question. Therefore, the candidate needs to give them the answer which they want to hear and that is by explaining them how well you can handle the position offered as compared to the rest of the candidates.

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Why did you leave your previous job?

In this question it is advisable to be completely honest, while answering the question because this question is to know what you feel about your previous job and your previous company. Therefore, the best way to answer this question by being honest and try to explain the interviewer the positive reasons which made you quit one’s last job. And eventually, this kind of answer will present the candidate as a positive person not as a negative one.

Where do you see yourself after five years from now?

This is the question which can provide an amazing opportunity to impress the interviewers by their answer. While answering this question the candidate need to explain them the main reason that made them apply for this job or position. And also need to convince them that how passionate about their career goals.

Why do you want to work in our company?

Most commonly through this question the interviewer wants to know about the information that the candidate Googled and researched about their company. And this can help the candidate to make his / her impression by detailing them the quality of the candidate such as management skills and many more, which can be an asset for their company.

Are you a team player?

While answering this question the candidate need to be ready with the cross question that pop in the middle of the question that “Why is that”. So the candidate should always start answering “yes” to this question and provide them the explanation for the “yes” that the candidate presented so confidently. So the candidate can explain them with the real life example, like college activity where in which the candidate has been a part of the team and how well the candidate handled the activities assigned to them.

Are you comfortable with the rotational shifts?

It is one of the questions which the interviewer must ask during the interview and the candidate needs to be honest while answering the question. Because once the candidate said yes, then the candidate cannot take back their words. And need to work under the condition of rotational shifts.

What are your short term goals?

While answering this question the candidate needs to understand the question better. And answer in a way that the interviewer should understand that by joining their company the candidate might fulfil their short term goals.

What are your long term goals?

This question is to know whether the candidate is applying for the job temporary basis or the permanent basis. Therefore, to be safe the candidate needs to present such type of answer where the interviewer should understand that the candidate needs to develop their skills and abilities while working with the company.

Can you work under pressure?

It is such type of question where the candidate may not answer “No” nor “Yes”, so would it be advisable to answer by being neutral. Neutral in the way that the candidate should provide them assurance that he / she will deliver one’s 100% for the company without any compromise. Because there is no such job which doesn’t come with a deadline, so being neutral and help the candidate clear the interview process.

Why do you think you can be an asset to our company?

This type of question is presented to know that the how confident that the candidate is about his / her management qualities, skills and abilities. Therefore, the candidate need to confidently answer that he / she can handle the company activities better as compared to the others through the skills and abilities of his / her own without any issue.

Do you need to ask anything?

This question is not presented to receive any answer from the candidate. Actually, this question is asked to know the any kind of doubt that the candidate must be having about the joining dates, confirmation letter, salary benefits and company activities.

Therefore, the bottom line is that these all questions and answers will help the entire candidate to prepare themselves before attending any type of HR interview round. It will boost the confidence of the candidate by being fully prepared for such HR interviews.

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Updated: April 2, 2016 — 8:13 am

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