How to Write Alphabet & Notes in Shorthand Fast and Neat

How to Write Alphabet & Notes in Shorthand Fast and Neat : Modern life of the individuals is so fast that none has time to be in leisure let them be studying or working. Hence everything has become fast in the modern day routine. Hence the demand for the shorthand career has been updated to be successful for the present day needs in the world. Though things have become faster in the world in the recent times shorthand language learning is an art. This art can encourage the students or employees to be standing on top of the list in the company’s best employees list.

Meaning of Shorthand:

Most of the individuals prefer to use shorthand for their accessibility and daily use which is an art of living for most of the people with great speed. Most of the students prefer short notes to perform well in the examination. Long essays can be learnt easily by using shorthand and alphabet fast and neat. In a gist shorthand is touted to be a facility to write the words short at high speed.

Places where shorthand language used:

It is already known that most of the people are interested in noting down the speech of the politicians, at offices dictation of their superiors. Coming to the student’s life they are using to learn best career opportunities especially in the life of journalists. It is not an exception that many reporters and magazines, News Editors and members of Radio stations have been using this shorthand notes from long time.

Tips for Shorthand writing:

  • Initially one should get plain paper and pen or pencil to make notes of the speech of any politician or any dictations in the office.
  • For the most used words shortcuts has to be given for further correspondence.
  • You should not feel nervous or stressed while taking the notes which may affect the speed.
  • One should write accurately and it should be readable too. It should be understandable while you read later.
  • Good vocabulary is another asset which increases the speed of the individual.
  • Be cautious while writing with pen by making a slight slant position of your pen which can reduce the strain on your hand given by pen or pencil.
  • One should practice the newspapers or any magazine articles in the shorthand language so that it can be translated quickly.
  • Positive attitude is another asset of the individual which makes you to believe better in doing better.

Here are a few Simple Short-cuts listed:

Many of the individuals prefer to be writing in shorthand but most of them are unaware of the sample shortcut keys for the shorthand

  •   @ is used inspite of words at, about, around. No. is used for number and amount as shortcut
  •   + is used as symbol for bigger, increasing, greater words.
  •   ? represents the words who, where, what, etc.
  •   ! explains the surprise and shock of the individuals.
  •   121 denotes the one to one relation.
  •   Bc gets because shorthand key.
  •   Rts expands results.
  •  2G2B4G says Too Good To Be Forgotten, 4ever gives meaning Forever, 511 is expanded as Too    much information.

Overall shorthand is not only used for these it is also used while sending text messages and bit emotional chats in social media.


Though learning shorthand is not that easy but many individuals prefer to learn shorthand which is fast clean and neat. Most of the people’s shorthand writing is excellent compared to their original handwriting. Maintaining good English and excellent writing is an added advantage for most of the people. Once they get shorthand writing tips they can reach career heights soon. Fluency and continuity is another asset of the shorthand language. Hence most of the individuals prefer to learn shorthand writing though it is tough initially.

As there is a proverb that practice makes man perfect the shorthand writing exercise can increase the career growth opportunities. The only thing you should start is pick a topic on your interest and start practicing.

Shorthand writing Tips:

1. Every individual should practice shorthand as it has numerous advantages in getting neat and clean writing.

2.Once chosen the shorthand writing one should not be in hurry to learn or write fast as during practice and after getting experience only speed will come.

3.One should practice the technique daily so that there will be time to practice. Set an hour time daily rather than working hard for a few hours in a week’s time.

4.Choosing the pen or pencil is another tip for the shorthand writers as the pen used should flow freely on the page.

5.The pen used for writing should be handy and hassle free to the writers.

6.Cross-check before starting writing as leak of ink won’t be there anywhere.

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Updated: April 2, 2016 — 8:08 am

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