How to Start Conversation with Strangers

How to Initiate a Conversation

What is a Conversation?

Conversation is something which peoples have where, they talk and main motive is to share their thoughts and ideas with each other. Then why not make them better?

Initiating a conversation with a second party is probably one of the quirkiest parts of communication. You can find yourself  that you can talk to some people at an instant, while talking to someone strange is like pulling a damn teeth. But do not worry there are a few tricks applicable in the whole universe that will help you start a good conversation with typically almost anyone, and a few more tips for starting conversations with specific, specialized people. If you really want to know how to start a good conversation, just follow these steps.


Make them feel like you care about them. You can turn into a total stranger into a friend just in mere seconds by making them feel like you do care about what they are saying and that their opinion matters to you a lot. If the person thinks you’re talking just to shine into their lime-light or show-off, they will turn their faces away at an instant. Instead what you can do is, to turn your body and focus towards that person at the fullest and maintain eye contact without being too serious. Give the person enough personal space around you, but at the same time show that the person has your attention.

  • Make the person feel like their thoughts are been cherished by you. If they begin to talk about any subject, you can indulge in knowing more about that person by asking more types of questions and you’ll show that you really have curiosity to be wanting to talk about.
  • Like any rule of grammar, use the person you are having a conversation with, just once or twice only, or else, it might irritate them.


This is the step where you have to ask personal questions without really interrogating the person. Many a times a good conversation begins with asking questions but the person you’re talking to dart-away questions at the person without giving your views and actually conversing properly with him or her. No one wants to experience a third degree interrogation.,  from any perspective even in a conversation. Asking too many questions will make them feel very uneasy and uncomfortable and will leave him finding a way to get  out of the conversation.

  • If you think you are boring them with questions, make a joke about it.
  • Inquire about their views, dreams, ambitions.
  • Be funny, ease up the environment, don’t gibber about any sad event you saw on the news or how much he’s had to work overtime at the office. Make the the conversation short. Ideally, you and the other person should share equally.


Try to be funny. This doesn’t mean that you have to do a stand-up comedy routine but just throw in some jokes here and there and tell them a funny story to engross them. You’ll be surprised at how sharing humor stories a good  laugh and laughing makes everyone feel comfortable. This is a nice way to make introverts to come out of the shells. Grab the other’s attention on your conversation. Make the conversation with general banter, clever jokes, and wordplay.

  • If you have a killer funny situation you remember, say it, share as long as its short.


You can open ended questions. Open ended questions are  mainly the questions that require more than a yes or no for an answer, they require even more. Open ended questions allow people to detailed and this creates  a very healthy conversation. Suppose, you are  drawing the person out and making him a part of the  conversation. Open ended questions can bring increase to a conversation as not generally opposed to questions with yes or no answers.

  • But, you have to remember to ask the questions which are open-minded to the required limit. Don’t ask boring questions like what are your views on life, ask them about latest match, and they are in.
  • You should always be aware that when a conversation isn’t  really going well. If someone is giving you just yes or no answers to questions that require more reciprocation, then that person would be highly engrossed in your words.
  • Know what not to do. But there can be few ways to kill the mood of a good going. If you want to know how to start a good conversation, there a very little things that you need to focus on.
  • Don’t be  revealing .Don’t you share more about your personal information. Don’t share about your painful break up, the weird allergy on your back, or how you are in a fix that if anyone in your life really think you are worth it.
  • Questions which can lead them to be uncomfortable must be avoided. Let the person talk about his private life, but, there is  white-line over there too!! Don’t be over-personal.
  • Avoid blah blah blah, means ranting about your own self. But, making fun of yourself and offering some personal information can put the other person at ease, if you’re aiming on and on about how great you are like many people do, they rant  a lot or what you’re going to have for breakfast the next day, the person will quickly lose interest, and they might even end up getting a feeling to be at bay from you.
  • Attention must be paid. Don’t fail to remember any personal bit of information they might share with you after good  5 minutes of having a conversation. This will make the person feel like you don’t respect them. When the person says his name, repeat it so that they know that you really know them.

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