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How To Start A Presentation and Steps To Kick Start your Presentation

Starting a presentation is as crucial as ending it up. It helps to make or break the relationship with your audiences that are attending your presentation. There are many ways to give a kick start to your presentation. Here are few of them listed below;

Start Your Presentation By Getting Audience’s Attention

Setting up audience’s attention in the beginning is the most important aspect of your presentation. You must introduce yourself with the catchy words to impress your audiences as first impression is the last impression and make yourself imprint in their thoughts by your effective introduction. Without grabbing your audience attention you will lose your presentation point in the very first phase only.

Choose Best Opening Line

Starting an introduction such as “Hi, my name is Mark”, is not effective. Always choose best line as starting or opening line of your conversation. Try to start your conversation with saying a short story or sharing a shock experience with them. By sharing shock experience with your audience, it will help you to grab your audience attention within few seconds. Just be honest rather than being sarcastic or else mould the truth in way to make it shock experience.

State The Purpose

Always convey the message of conducting presentation. Generally the audiences are well aware with the purpose of the presentation but then too make them clear with your explaining concepts to get a crisp clear idea to them. This provides a positive impact on your audience.

Leave Hedges

Using phrases like “I think”, “Might be” or anything that sighs of guessing gives a bad impact on your presentation. Rather than always be bold with your sentences. Always state your points in manner that they are more promising and trustworthy.

Use Meaningful Visual Aids

The most important thing that you need while giving a presentation is the props that you are supposed to use. Always use meaningful visual aids that make you easy to point the relevant topics that you are discussing with the audiences. This means that using image in your presentation that relates the topic with it and gives more information about it. Or sometime use props instead of images that try to convey more appropriate message that an image could do. Also using a small video in your presentation would be helpful to you to elaborate your topic more precisely and accurately.

Be Confident

While delivering presentation, you should always be confident and bold enough to deliver your words. Your voice should be loud enough to be heard by everyone in the room. Also you should mumble or stop in between the explanation. Use powerful words such as “What if” or “imagination” key tools to make your audience attentive to your speaking.

A Professional Look Attire

Your attire should not only be good but it should be comfortable to you too. Always be groomed very well to present yourself. Be professional rather than being gowdy with your look. If you are informed to wear heels never wear too high heels and never forget antiperspirant. These are the obvious things that people often forget to do so.

Short And Sweet Presentation

Always make your presentation short and sweet rather than making it too lengthy and boring. Always try to convey your points in less grammatical sentences. If your company is paying for your time that does not mean to waste it but do have a necessary outcome with it. Always have a speech that makes the audience cheerful even till last rather than making them bored of your speech.

Ask Rhetorical Questions

By asking a rhetorical questions to your audience will help to add curiosity in them to raise their voice for the answers. Also it helps you to be more energetic if an interacting audience is with you. Never ask your audience with too lengthy answers as they will not be cheerful in doing so. Rather than ask them “yes” or “no” type questions. This helps your audience to arouse curiosity in them and make you motivated with their responses.

Setup Direct To Direct Contact

Whenever you are delivering any presentation you are supposed to have an eye contact with your audiences to be more effective. Rather than just facing the wall or looking at wall any delivering your speech makes your audience feel that you are just giving a pre-learned but not rehearsed speech. The eye contact helps to build a rapport between you and the audience that you are facing and gives a positive impact to your conversation.

Don’t Be Clown For The Presentation Event

You are not a standup comedian and hosting a comedy show, but you are actually conveying an important presentation that is meant to be taken in a serious way. So it’s better to leave the comedy and be a professional. So try to avoid being too comic with your audiences as it would lead to disrespect your image in front of them.

Be Grammatical Correct

Always cross check your presentation twice to avoid any grammatical issues and spelling mistake. Though this is the silliest mistake that could happen but being caught with these errors will lead disqualification of career’s phase at the very beginning of it. Always check your presentation and get it cross checked with your seniors too to avoid future mishap.

A Beautiful Ending

Always make a beautiful ending of your presentation by conveying them with short and sweet message. Also lower your voice as your presentation comes to end phase. This helps to build more authoritative and confident in front of your audience. Also try to take a questionnaire session to get their thoughts more crisp and clear and imprint your views in their minds.

These were some crucial tips that could help you make your presentation more effective and elegant. Also it would help you to give a nice kick start to your professional career by representing your ideas through delivering them with a presentation aid.

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