How To Prepare For Group Discussion: Valuable Tips & Tricks to be Good at GD

How To Prepare For Group Discussion

Are you looking for How to prepare for Group Discussion or GD to crack any interview. What is GD and Why GD is Conducted? all your questions will be cleared in this article. Recruiters and Selection Committees appoint suitable candidates after subjecting them to various types of examinations. The modern and latest trend for recruitment to some specific designations  and positions involves the use of Group Discussions or GD. A Group Discussion could be held in a formal and professional manner or it could be conducted informally. The decision pertaining to the pattern and evaluation of GD varies and specific rules pertaining to various Organizations have to be researched before signing up for participation. The discussion is usually held among a shortlist group of like-minded people.

The following instructions and guidelines can be studied by interested aspirants to further their chances of performing in GDs with merit –

What Is A Group Discussion?

A Group Discussion is a gathering of people who converse, debate, exchange views, and make suggestions. The discussion may or may not have a mediator. It can be done on any general topic or a specific subject may be chosen by the mediator. The discussion may have a target in the form of finding a solution or mediator allotted marks to gauge merit. The presence of a moderator implies fixed time for speaking, following guidelines while conversing, and maintaining  communication rules and decorum. Some high-level GDs also make use of the latest internet and communication technologies to hold video and teleconferences, Google hangouts, etc.,  Group Discussions are also called Group Exercises.How to Prepare for Group Discussion

Why Is A Group Discussion Held?

GDs are held by private executives and government bureaucrats in their respective organizations mainly for finding solutions, reviewing annual performances, passing orders, and ensuring implementation and delivery of services. The GD is a form of examination in the context of recruitments and employment procedures. They are used to decide the merit of candidates based on the following criteria – Communication skills, social competence, interpersonal abilities, creative thinking, general awareness,  and academic expertise. The mediator may only observe the performance or participate in the discussion. Evaluation can be qualitative or quantitative in nature.

Group Discussion Preparation Tips:

Gather All The Necessary Information:

The aspirant has to collect all the relevant information pertaining to the GD. He or she has to apply creative abilities and find innovative ways to gather information pertaining to the GD including nature and pattern, time limits, evaluation method, prominent topics and subjects that are generally chosen for discussion, and the assigned weight age of GD itself.

Tips to Prepare Group Discussion

Make A List Of Requirements for Group Discussion:

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses based on the information collected.
  • Focus on the opportunities for scoring in GD.
  • Overcome the challenges and hurdles by preparing thoroughly.
  • Make notes, summaries, or lists for the above mentioned points answering questions like these-
    • How good am I in the company of a group of people?
    • Should I hold a group study programme or study individually?
    • Do I get nervous in a room filled with more than 8 or 10 people?
    • How do I overcome my weaknesses in sensitivity and self-conscious attitudes?
    • Should I address a group of people to improve speaking skills?
    • Should I start conversing with a friend using formal terminology and/or mock dialogues?
    • What kind of study material should I read to improve my topical understanding?
    • How  should I improve my ability to be more courteous and accommodating while conversing?

Plan Your Preparation for Group Discussion:

  • The aspirant has to narrow down on the specific shortages and then work towards strengthening the necessary skills.
  • A time table can be prepared for practising various skills.
  • Relevant study materials should be collected.
  • Planning should be done ahead for participating in professional mock discussions, informal dialogues with friends and fellow aspirants, monologues, etc.,
  • Mobile, email, and other communication channels should be used effectively for coordinating preparation activities that require a group of people.

Exam Time Management Tips

Improve Specific And Requisite Skills for Group Discussion:

  • Group discussions do not require any writing. The aspirant can however make notes as part of preparation plan.
  • Reading has to be restricted only to relevant and useful study material.
  • Concentration should be focussed on following skills – communication, behaviour, conduct, courtesy, politeness, assertion, body language, making eye contact, cheerfulness, directed and timed speech.
  • The above mentioned skills can be practised individually or in a group depending on the requirements.
  • A friend, senior, guide, or a co-aspirant has to be approached for feedback and assessment.
  • The performance in practise tests can be noted down in quantitative terms like percentage, grades, marks, or points. Qualitative grading includes descriptive words like – Good, Average, Poor, Excellent, Intermediate, Expert, Beginner, etc.,
  • More practise time should be allotted to improving weaknesses rather than revising or reviewing previous practises and performances.

Pre-GD Checklist:

As the GD day approaches, The aspirant has to get into gear and build necessary confidence. The pre-GD checklist includes –

  • Completion of time table and planning schedule.
  • Implementation of suggestions and advice from guides and counsellors.
  • Review of performance in practise tests to boost the ego.
  • A final revision exercise if there is sufficient time.
  • Relaxing with the help of music or casual reading.
  • Sleeping well and ensuring a good night’s rest before the day of exam.

Participatory Mode:

On the day of GD, The aspirant can implement the following –

  • The aspirant has to wear only a formal dress.
  • The appearance has to be clean and tidy.
  • The face should be cheerful and body language has to be positive.
  • The aspirant has to arrive on time with requisite material.
  • The recruiters and assisting staff has to be wished properly and with courtesy.
  • Patience has to be shown in case of delay. The aspirants who express displeasure, twitch around, or get restless not only lose out on social skills, but also on their own performance due to bad mood.
  • The aspirant has to visit the washroom or drink some water prior to entering the official chambers.
  • The allotted seat has to be taken in a proper fashion.
  • The fellow participants in the group should be wished after the mediator’s presence is acknowledged.
  • The aspirant should not interject unless the rules of discussion allow it.
  • The speech should be clear, concise, willing, and objective.
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