How To Prepare For Exams In Less Time – Tips for Board/Competitive Exams

How To Prepare For Exams In Less Time Effectively

How to Prepare for Exams in Less Time: Aspirants seeking college seats and jobs have to appear for entrance and written exams. The entrance exams for college seats are held annually and there is sufficient time to plan and prepare. Exam for recruitments do not have such luxury in terms of time available for preparation. The aspirants have to plan and execute their study programme in a short duration of time. School and college students are also prone to making delayed decisions to pursue higher education. They too will have to contend with less time on their hands.

Time management becomes crucial in case there is very little time before the scheduled date of exams. The preparation can be planned in leisure if there is about six months of time. If there is four months or less, the candidates have to pursue a different pattern of study for success in the exams. A crash study programme is inevitable if there are less than two months available. The following instructions, tips, and guidelines can be read to completion for assistance in How to Prepare for Exams in Less Time: How To Prepare For Exams In Less Time

De-Stress And Detoxify –

  • Aspirants who are studying for exams with a speedy pace have to contend with anxiety, nervousness, and bad moods.
  • The brain is exerted beyond its comfort level and the above mentioned negative traits are noticeable.
  • The necessary countermeasures include de-stressing the mind and detoxifying the body.
  • Take good rest for short periods and sleep well.
  • Body and mind should be relaxed by shaking off lethargy with hand, leg, and head movements.
  • A brief eye exercise with deep breathing should be taken before moving  on to the next chapter or topic.
  • Take a brisk walk without going too far away from the place of study.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food. Consume in small quantities as sleep is induced after a heavy meal.

Last Minute Preparation Tips

Study Difficult Topics Only In Moderation-

  • Scientific studies assert that complexity cannot be conquered using intensity alone.
  • Complex subject tests including Chemistry and Math require the candidate to prepare in moderation with relaxing breaks.
  • Difficult topics have to be studied when the candidate is alert and aroused to a moderate degree only.
  • Go for guidance and coaching by taking the time and money factors into consideration.

Exam Time Management Tips

The Revision Should Be Goal-Oriented –

  • Revising for exams is not possible without readily available text books and prepared notes along with practise tests.
  • The aspirant has to take hard copies / printouts of as many practise exams as possible.
  • The practise tests should also be collected online or from school/college based on availability.
  • Revision should be a full-time pursuit.
  • A fixed format time table with colour markers can be prepared and used.
  • Time-table formats can be downloaded to save time.
  • Study programme can be divided into groups of fixed time.
  • The aspirant can divide the study schedule into two halves – Practise Tests and Textbook Study.
  • He or she can allot 2 to 4 hours for each of the above mentioned activities.
  • Tips to be implemented during Practise Tests-
    • Practise Tests should be taken in all seriousness.
    • The Tests should follow the official question paper pattern only.
    • Evaluation of the papers has to be done immediately either by the candidate or a second person.
    • The results have to be stored safely so they can be reviewed while studying.
  • Instructions for the Study of Textbooks  –
    • The textbooks have to be studied in an intense manner.
    • The textual content should be read with clarity and all doubts should be allayed.
    • Chapters relating to the questions wrongly answered in the previous step of practise tests should only studied.
    • The aspirant can avoid reading the notes and instead make appropriate annotations to the textbook material.
    • Proper explanations and clear comments should only be used as part of annotation.
    • Clarity has to be achieved in these chapters in terms of conceptual and theoretical understanding.
  • The practise tests for these chapters have to be taken again after the study is completed.
  • The two programmes in the study schedule i.e. Practise Tests and Text Study have to be taken up on a daily basis till the examination date.
  • The aspirant has to allot at least 7 to 8 hours per day for the study programme.
  • He or she should not waver from this responsibility.
  • Commitment and discipline has to be shown for the entire duration of the above mentioned study programme.

tips to finish exam on time

Accept Suggestions From Learned Experts-

  • The aspirant has to show initiative and willingness to approach a mentor, teacher, guide, or elder for assistance in academic matters.
  • Only the appropriate teacher or coach should be consulted.
  • The consultation should be formal and professional.
  • The candidate has to ask the teacher specific and relevant questions pertaining to difficult chapters and topics only.
  • Time should not be wasted in seeking guidance on personal matters from a professional.
  • The exam content which is difficult to follow has to be placed before the teacher and assistance in terms of explanation and clarifications should be sought in a timely and efficient manner.
  • If there is sufficient time and the teacher is willing, the candidate can then query regarding his or her worries in facing the exams.
  • Professional suggestions and feedback have to be implemented with efficiency and with immediacy to ensure better performance in the exams.
  • It is always advisable to seek support and moral strength from family and friends.
  • Anxiety and nervousness has to be overcome by drawing support from a family member who is cooperative and understanding.
  • Stress -related issues and fears can be discussed with a familiar friend or a confidant.
  • Interacting with people should be done in an efficient and effective manner.
  • De-stressing and detoxifying measures mentioned above have to be practiced despite time limitations.
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