How To Prepare For CAT Verbal Ability – Tips to Crack Verbal Ability Tests

How To Prepare For CAT Verbal Ability?

Scoring 100 percentile in Verbal section for CAT doesn’t need to be a very arduous task. The aspirant needs to be comfortable with facing any kind of verbal ability question on the test. The candidate should be familiar with the pattern. At first it all may seem a little haywire, but, we know that, practices make a man perfect.

The aspirant needs to take as many sectional tests as possible. Verbal ability in CAT will be having questions like Para jumbles, sentence correction, reading comprehension, and fill in the blanks etc. Hence starting off with taking as many sectional tests as possible is a good idea to go for. You may tend to know for yourself that the answer maybe wrong even, but again, practice makes a person stronger.

How To Prepare For CAT Verbal Ability

Follow the steps that has been recommended by CAT toppers and best trainers of India:

Step 1: Identify your strengths:
Candidates need to realize that all the questions carry equal marks and you are not going to get an additional brownie point for answering the difficult questions in CAT exam. Hence focus on the easy questions first. The questions where you will be most comfortable should be taken care of first and then go for the medium and difficult topic to go for.

Step 2: Identify your weakness:
Now that you know your strengths, focus on the topics that you are weak on. Note down and analyze after each test the weak spot that you have and write it down on a paper.

Motivational Hack: Stick the paper somewhere where you could see it every day and strike out the topics where you have gained mastery upon.You will be motivated to see more number of strikes on that paper. This way you can be sure of approaching any kind of verbal ability question at your disposals.

Step 3:

Now the step is to be consistent in your strength and stave the weaknesses away from your CAT preparation spectrum.

Reading Comprehension:  This is a very crucial step in improvement. The reading comprehension section in verbal ability will contain three-four passes with 4-5 questions each. The candidate needs to comprehend the passage very carefully and answer the questions that will follow.
Reading comprehension passages will become a lot easier to solve if the candidate will be able to narrow the passage down to 25% of its content length and answer the questions. India’s top trainer, Mr. P.N. Santhosh had shared a secret of minimizing the effort of reading the whole passage at a one go. Watch the video below to see how he does it.

After this tip, you are never going to struggle with RC passages and get accurate answers.

Trust Data monitor your performances on all tests.

Diverse reading for Vocabulary and Grammar: In general, reading will help you gain perspective and knowledge on anything. Get a versatile and diverse reading habit that will help you build a strong base. Being a jack of all trades will give an added advantage of understanding something out of the passage or the question that it states. From politics to mythology to forensic science, don’t leave any topic unread.

On a lighter note: Read; you will surprised to know that you can talk about anything with anyone.

Step 4: Leave the un-sure questions:Follow this and you will save lots of seconds in the CAT exam. If you are not sure of how to approach the question, then move on. People mostly think that they should attempt the entire question, but forget that they have negative marking too. If you are unsure of Para jumbles, then leave it and answer the other questions in that section.

Did you like the tips shared with you here? Do you need some more tips on other CAT areas like quant, logical reasoning and data interpretation? Then call Byju’s – CAT career consultant at 9880031619 or visit our page for gearing up the preparation for CAT 2016.


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Updated: March 13, 2017 — 9:01 am

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