How To Improve Memory Power Naturally – Tips & Tricks to Concentrate

How To Improve Memory Power?

It is said that ‘Practice makes man perfect’ and indeed it is true. If you have a weak spot where you don’t shine, you will have to work for it to get it done. Memory is one of the greatest gift which undergoes adaptations at every instance of time. If you have a weak memory or you want make your memory better and improve it, that is what Neuroplasticity is according to the medical science. A human brain has a dense network of neurons which travels through neural pathways, with the right amount of stimulation, these neurons can form a new neural pathway which helps human body to change and adapt as per the current situation.

How to improve memory power

Here are few tips that can help ignite the stimulation and thereby help you to improve memory power considerably.

  • Sleep well

It is said that a proper sleep along with associated activities can help improve memory. Human body needs at least 8 hours of sound sleep within which, the brain repairs all the connections, form new ones, discard unwanted memory and much more. A good 8-hour sleep can help you feel fresh and prepare for the upcoming task well. Pair it will good healthy food and you have a good mood and a brain which is ready to give its best shot at your daily tasks.

  • Workout with your brain

This seems like an irony but it’s true. Brain has billions of neurons and millions of neural pathways using which, all the messages and reflexes are passed. If you think that old routine that you have been following for years will help you gain memory, then you are wrong. Brain needs workout as it resembles muscles which needs training to stay firm or you may lose it once you leave muscle training. Take some quizzes, solve riddles, accept and complete new challenges to workout.

  • Take a Revision before Examination

If you have an examination coming soon, you must go through all the important subjects, topics, and references. Since, our brain discards unwanted memory, it is doubtful that you will remember 100% of what you learned since it takes time to remember any concept. You must always opt for a short revision before examination as it enhances your memory. Taking a couple of revisions will enhance the memory even further since your brain will be liable to remember the concept.

  • Keep your routine in check

As stated above, sleep deprivation can be fatal and must be avoided by sleeping at least for 8 hours straight. Ever heard of power nap? Small bursts of sleeps can help you remain focused on your study or task. You can keep a tab on your routine which includes sleep time, turning off all the electronics devices such as PC, Mac, smartphone, etc at least an hour before your go to bed and a massive cut back on caffeine consumption. These are few things that will keep you both focused and concentrated after a sound sleep and you mustn’t change this routine.

  • Study, Work, and Refresh

Windows computers can be refreshed. It actually frees up the RAM and some unwanted junk on your hard drive making it to work efficiently. Since, our brain is far more advanced than a computer, we have our own refreshment tab too. First of all, after getting a good night sleep, you are far more energetic and focused towards your goals since you are fresh. However, with time, you may feel dizzy. At this time, relax or take a walk in your house or watch motivational videos for a period of 3 minutes and you are ready to go.

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