How To Improve Communication Skills

Communication” it is basically, what we humans use to converse, express, depict our inner-souls about what are we feeling inside. So, in order that the person standing in front of you gets you most and properly you must use the best type and best sets of words to “Communicate”. Otherwise, meanings can be taken offensively!

Basic communication involves:

  • Communicating verbally
  • Through words Communicating through actions Communicating through eyes.
  • some, people fail to communicate properly who don’t go out much, don’t interact with the society much, are introvert, they my friend, must get up, strap the belts on and must start “communicating”.
  • Not, only Humans, even Animals converse, we by words, Chameleon through colors, yes, they don’t change colors only for the purpose of camouflaging the background or save themselves; they change colors for mainly “conversing”.
  • Every person, every living being has their own style of communicating. If, we use it so much, why not make it better? Or probably the best?

What if we go out, probably, looking for a job, what do they look for? Soft-skills? Maybe . Educational achievements? Can be. Communicating skills?



For handling any customer in hand, to even sell a simple washing –powder, the Salesman, has to be good in his convincing-power, his vibes must be welcoming, that instead, of slamming the door shut people though, they won’t buy much, but, would stand there, and listen carefully to what is said. Even, in interviews, candidates are shortlisted, but, the best of best selected is the one with the most “Awesome- Communication skills”.

Mostly, Indians have the problem, of conversing or having a good command on Grammar, and English! Look, out there, there are also Indians who reside bay from India, like in Los Angeles, Mexico, U.S.A…

What makes them a good speaker in English? Do they join any specific classes? Do they spend their whole lives behind English-learning books?

No!! they go through the same, every day, conversing in English, that’s what make them a pro in Communicating in a specific language. This theme applies to any other language too! Coming back to Customer Service,

Just Imagine a Customer –Service, or even remember the last time you had to be in contact with a Customer Service Agent ( C.S.A)

Important Information

Interview Tips

Examination Tips

Latest Job Notifications

Current Affairs

What are they good at?

Polite Welcoming. Listening to the query of customer. Humble requests. (asking for more of the customer information in the most humble way possible that the customer would be dignified and have confident in sharing his own personal details to a person via telecommunication) Getting back to the customer’s problem.

Wishing good-bye in polite manner. While, conversing to a person, what do we see? See, some people are very good in talking, ever imagined how do they do that? They look in your eyes, as humanely as possible, listen to you, have ears on your words and sentences, understand you, and reciprocate in best way possible.

You may have some friends, some who are not so good in talking (introvert-types), some who moderately talk, like measuring every word by a measuring jar, some who talk a lot!! I have friends like that too. Studying, their behavior makes me wonder, why are they all so different, from each other, I mean all are humans, all can talk then why the difference? Came to the conclusion that , introverts are not going out much, they have been afraid ever to be judged on basis of their words, or tone. Maybe, they have fear to be taken offensively. Looking at people who moderately talk, like us, not sharing much, or not being totally quiet, they talk how much is required and who much is have to be done and said! What about the more talking ones? They have mainly the aura of being way to free with everyone; they can share anything of their life with other people that are good in some sense but sometime. Over-sharing of inner-thoughts can be dangerous!!

Wonder, how words can be dangerous??

That’s by not communicating well, not interpreting words or tones, or the main context behind your words correctly. That may result, in hurting someone’s sentiments. We don’t want to do that, do we? Why do voices of some people of some singers, feel us making so calm, serenity, or some tones, some songs, make our hearts race the most? Why a baby, even who is new to the world is so attached to its mother? Cause, his mother uses the sweetest tone, words she has to show love to her toddler. See, that’s how it makes a difference!

Among, people we know, friends we love, who we share our more and most worst to awesome with,?

The one who makes us feel comfortable, who understands you, who listens to you. To have a great communication skill, first the person must be a “listener” and need patience. Then only we convey the person standing in front of us that , “Yes, whatever you’re saying, I am getting and listening to you…” People can teach you how to speak languages like English, French, but, “ Communication-skills” aren’t taught, they comes within, from practice. By, truce of our words and understanding skills. Not, only we must correct our ways to talk to other people around us, but what about the “bad” and “Good” yourself in you!! You can talk to them; no one knows you better of course, more than yourself! Talk to them, identify your problem, and practice your communication skills with them! That’s how you can get a live demonstration of how to communicate with other beings around you…or look at yourself in the mirror, if you don’t have confidence first, practice communication-skills with yourself. Reciprocate to your own expression, that’s how you’ll know how people will react when you are talking to them, live! You don’t need to be nervous at all, have confidence, wear a smile and just do the best!

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Updated: April 2, 2016 — 8:25 am

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