How to Give Telephonic Interview

What is an Interview?

Interview is nothing but, a meeting, where, discussions are made, Conferences are held.

Than what are the types of Interviews?

  • Face-to-face Meetings.
  • Telephonic Interviews.
  • Video-Conferencing
  • Group-Interview
  • Panel interview
  • Behavior-based Interview
  • Sequence-Based Interview.

What are Telephonic interviews:

             Interviews held over the Phone are known as “Telephonic Interviews”.

Recruiters tend to do their first interview over a call. The telephonic interview is a tool for the recruiter to find out whether you are a serious candidate for the job and  to decide whether or not to take you process or no. The questionnaires are:

  1. Name,
  2. Information Details,
  3. Past Experience,
  4. Work Experience,
  5. Voice Quality is judged,
  6. Simple Questions,
  7. Proposal about the Job,
  8. Expectation to the Pay-Scale is inquired,
  9. Contact details ,
  10. If Selected, Applicant is asked to come for the Second-Round.

The candidate is aimed at hunting down their suitability of that job. Candidate must try to project His/hers enthusiasm and commitment in a very short while.

The Great thing about telephonic interviews is that they take a lot less time and are more convenient  and easy for both Interviewee  and the interviewer  than having  a meet personally. If the job you’re applying for is like related to something Online, or like a Call-Center one, the Interviewer keeps a keen eye for the ones who shine out and rock these types of interviews. But, it ain’t easy as it looks as, although, being truly confident, sometimes due to tiny issues also we are judged just on the basis of our voice, so, that’s not quite apt for everyone.

These are the following steps you can apply to just do excellent in Telephonic Interviews:


One has to be prepared. It is completely okay to be nervous for a telephonic interview, but the thing which can really help you is “Pre-Preparation” Set the Boundaries, Limits. Prepare a Framework. Research about the Job you are applying for, Find out more about how can you do well in wat type of questions the ask you.


It would be better to write  down any questions you are likely to be asked, as well as having suitable answers to those questions, you can prepare a set of questionnaire .Basic questions which are likely to be asked are mentioned above. Be Well- Practiced before the interview as well.


Practice makes any hard task easy and perfect. Any experience you have of using the phone in a professional tangent will help a lot, Best, is to a drag a family member of a friend to take your Interview. Judge your body language by standing in front of a mirror. There is no best Teacher then mistakes. Make mistakes here, but not in an interview.

Or, grab your phone, record yourself, listen back and identify any problems or mistake you commit, in terms such as speaking, Voice quality, etc. Make yourself sit in the Interviewers chair and feel what they going to ask you, and how would you react when you give a particular answer. A little role-playing helps to know perspective.


Let your Family know what’s going on with you and you are appearing for a job and ask them to leave the room and give you some peace and quiet. Let the environment around you be Serene. Concentrate. Use an ear-phone if you are getting disturbed. Sit next to a  table which has water, your notes, questionnaire, silence, calm. Sitting on such a  table can come in handy  as you can easily reach out to any details while you are on a call.


Some people like to dress in a formal attire; but, where something you are comfortable in.If you feel Comfortable you would be best in the interview. Also, it’s n Audio Interview, they won’t be able to see you perhaps, unless it’s a Conference or Video Call.


Before you dial, take a couple of deep breaths… and smile! It will show in your voice. You’ll forget about being nervous once you’re focused on the interview. Speak clearly and at a reasonable Tone . If you’re asked a trick- question, and you want to take time to think – you can always say like, Can I take a moment here please,’ this will  buy time.

Pauses are OK, just as in any interview. If you couldn’t hear Properly due to issues or didn’t understand any question, it’s fine to ask for clarification.


You have to Answer the phone professionally:  Wish them, Good morning, with your name speaking should impress the interviewer. Present them with respect by addressing them as Miss, Mrs. or Mr. unless they haven’t given you the permission to call them out by their names.

Be as much imaginative and excited, yet polite. Don’t be over-confident, over-exaggerating and don’t start talking like as if you are talking to your best-friend. Remember, listen carefully and try to be a good-listener.

It is very rare that you have to ring up your interviewer, if you have to, be polite. Ask them “Can I talk to this respective person…”


You can ask questions at the end of the interview, but  you must know the boundaries. Telephonic-Interviews aren’t the right place to discuss about salary, training and starting dates. You will find that the telephone interviewer is working on behalf of a company to filter set of best Candidates and cannot answer questions about the job or the company. If you reach out to the next round, you will have a chance to get these doubts cleared by the company itself.


If you can, jot down notes during the interview is going on, or write down what you can remember about the questions asked  and your answers which you gave, while it’s still fresh in your mind. It will be a useful piece of record to refer to when you go through to the next process…

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Updated: April 2, 2016 — 10:00 am

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