How to Crack an IT Interview – Tips to Crack any IT Job Interview | Tips to Crack Job Interview Successfully

How to crack an IT interview – Tips and Tricks to Crack the Interview 

The software market is burgeoning. Thus the people who want employment in this field is also growing. It is although a main concern of employers now whether the employees are employable or not. Following are certain tips on how to make yourself self employable and crack the interview thus gain that dream job.:

You should be able to impress the recruiter whether you are a fresher or an experience holder. The recruiters have a large number of applicants seeking the employment for every position they advertise.

Make sure you prove your metal in the first round of interview

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Here’s a List of Things You can do to Crack the Interview:

  • Aptitude is important . So are skill tests and on the stop programming.
  • The interviewer will check your vocabulary, aptitude and technical skills. You could also be asked to do some on the spot programming. Do not lose this round because of lack of preparation.
  • Communication skills: The recruiter will see if you can communicate your ideas effectively. You need to be good at getting your point across. This is important because while you will be on the job you will be required to interact with clients in an effective manner . The team interaction will also be benefited with members having good communication skills.
  • You can make sure you improve your command on the English language by reading books and newspapers.
  • There might also be a vocabulary or grammar test during the interview so be prepared for that.
  • You should be confident at the same time being humble. Confidence is as important as humility since the former means you are good at what you do but the latter makes sure people enjoy working with you.
  • Interviewers mark candidates on confidence and humility both
  • You will only be interviewed for one post .It could be that of a team lead, a developer, tester or a project manager. It will therefore be favorable for you if you know about domains other than the one for which you are being interviewed.
  • For example if you are being interviewed for leading the team it will also be beneficial if you talk about how to develop a software, testing the software or managing the team in general.
  • The company for which you are being interviewed will inevitably ask the question as to what you know about the company so you can run a quick background search  about the company that you are going to work with if given a chance. When you are unprepared you will come across as not having interest in the job.
  • For example ,during  my interview at one reputed firm I was asked about the full form of the acronym which was the company’s name and I luckily had noticed it on their brochure while I waited for my turn to get interviewed. The firm  was named after its four founding partners and I still have a feeling that that question was also a deciding factor in me clearing the interview.

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  • Prepare well for the interview:  Only less than 50% people clear the interview. HR rounds ensure that you will fit in within the culture of the firm. HR rounds are as important as the technical round.  In the HR round it is important to understand the basis of each question before you answer. Also, you have a right to be silent about personal things that you do not want to disclose especially if you think that information might become the basis of your rejection.
  • Talk positively and in an enthusiastic manner: Do not come across as that person who applies for every job in the market. Ask questions about your role in the company and it sometimes pays off if you come across as that person who is interested in the right kind of job and can reject the job if you do not find what you are looking for. You can also negotiate your salary and perks when asked about your expectations from the job. You do not necessarily have to stay silent about your demands from the job. Always remember that the interview is a two way process.
  • Talking about your experience and achievements in the last job will make you look good. While talking about your last job be careful not to  blame your ex boss or former colleagues as that will do more harm than good and make you look like a person who can’t shoulder responsibility and only throws blame at others. The best way forward is to praise your former workplace and colleagues at the same time remaining honest and fair.
  • Avoid very long answers and try and observe the mood of the interviewer after you have spoken a couple lines. You will most likely get a hint that way to either stop talking or keep going.
  • Follow up after the interview is okay but after a reasonable period of time such as a week or a fortnight but definitely not the next day and definitely not again and again.

All the best !

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