How To Concentrate On Study For Long Hours During Exams

How to Concentrate on Studies?

Avoid Distractions

The first thing You need is  avoid possible distractions that could be a girlfriend/boyfriend ,internet addiction etc.

Adolescence is the time where it is must to work towards your goals  and at the same time enjoy the little things like spending quality time with friends and family .you must be choose towards your friends both should motivate  and support each other to grow together in studies.

Just try to study for shorter duration and take a break in between and then sit again to study.Get all the things out of your head.


Meditation  always  plays a key role to kick the things out of your mind.just concentrate on your breathing for  5 minutes and start studying.Meditation is not only for old people but it also plays a key role in the development of your personality when you start at an early age.

Along with meditation techniques yoga can also aid in concentration.There are several yoga instructors who maintain the channel on YouTube so you do not have pay a penny outside.They start teaching from the basics without over stressing.

  • Mediation awakes your conscious mind .Earlier countries like America ignored Meditation until philosophers like Swami Vivekananda  popularized it.It decreases depression,stress,anxiety.
  • If you meditate you have fewer  cravings for Unwanted things and it enhances immune system.
  • It develops compassion and helps to forgive people.
  • Try to get away from quick breathes and maintain slow breathes.


Exercise will always play keep role release the hormones called endorphin which are produced by pituitary gland  that makes you happy and makes you to focus.

  • You should also turn your mobile off.
  • Waking up early makes you active throughout the day.
  • Another technique of retaining memory is reciting the new techniques as many times as possible.

Avoid Using Medicine

Nowadays people in India and abroad are taking smart medicine such as Modafinil which makes you active throughout the day.But they can be addictive..And as every medicines has its side effects we should not totally be dependent on them.

Mentor is Important

  • Setting a goal is important.
  • Having a mentor is definitely important.Mentor could be parents also.They need to constantly monitor you  and push you up when you are down
  • They should act as tutors in additional skill acquisition .
  • Students can also be taught to monitor their own behavior in completion of academic tasks.
  • Concentration techniques  such as thought stopping should be followed.

Brain Teaser Games

There are several brain teaser games such as Criminal case which is quite famous in facebook which will enable to concentration.But you should limit your Time Frame for playing these games.

If you follow a tough training regime then focusing is automatically achieved .

Multitasking Problems

You should not think about the past or the future.Having a goal is important.You should live in the present and  consider the present second passed cannot be brought you back.

You should always be involved in fun seeking activities in the leisure .Some people turn  on the television while reading a book.Multitasking should not be done.

Multitasking results in poor productivity and results in poor cognitive performance.

In multitasking what you think as advantage is disadvantageous.

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Recent Study

Recently psychologists found that people who are distracted have a 10 percent drop in IQ.

You should not skip breakfast as this will alter the neurotransmitters such as adrenaline in the brain making you more stressed.Eating  nutritious food  and drinking plenty of water to lessen dehydration always improves your concentration.

According to Scientific studies people achieve peak alertness at 10am amd deepest sleep occurs around 2am.So we need to follow Circadian Rhythms and should not study at Unearthly hours.

You being afraid that you cannot learn causes exhaustion and lead to all unnecessary phobias.

Negative Thoughts

Next time when you are fearful take long breaths and realize that you are the cause of your fear.Eliminate all the negative thoughts.Try to think exact the opposite of what you are thinking to eliminate fear.You should not think too much about your future.Think that there is no twisted fate and  destiny is a thing that needs to be achieved.


  • If you day dream and let not the dreams shatter you will always emerge as the winner.
  • Last thing that would aid in concentration  is medicine and alternative medicine.
  • Acupuncture techniques  help in concentration.Massaging your reflex points always aid in concentration.

Eating Fruits

Taking Blueberries,Avocado,green tea ,leafy vegetables,dark chocolate,flax seeds, and nuts  which are the natural substances help in concentration .Massaging reduce muscle tension  ,boosts energy throughout the day.

Many essential oils that are extracted from herbs have several therapeutic qualities.Professional therapists  blend oils to treat specific conditions. Ayurvedic massage follows the five great elements of earth Space,Fire,water,Air and Earth.

Color Therapy

Wide variety of colors are used to treat your body.The body responds to the vibration pattern of the color.The body responds to the vibration pattern of the color.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy that was developed about 20 years ago helps in aiding mental clarity and  emotional well being. Massage strokes are dependent on patient’s condition.they will provide customized treatment according


Cupping is a traditional Chinese therapy which involves using cups that is alcohol –soaked cotton With a match and having the lit portion into into a bulb like glass cup in order to create a vacuum. IT help to create drain toxins enhancing brain power .It also helps in stimulating the mind.

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