How to Answer Confusing Interview Questions – How to Answer Tough & Tricky Questions

How to Answer Confusing Interview Questions

You have attended several interviews or you could be a fresher who is going for his/her first interview which is a delightful experience. However, you might be having a question that How to Answer Confusing Interview Questions as there will be at least one or two even in the simplest interview. Number of confusing questions increases exponentially when you are going for a corporate or high job profile government job where your analytical and logical thinking is tried and tested before hiring you.

People who go for interviews must refer certain sources to be well prepared for these types of questions as it could summarize into your selection or rejection. Here, in this notification, you can relate to certain confusing questions that were asked during interviews at various companies along with their interpretation and what you should answer it like, etc.

How to Answer Confusing Interview Questions

How to Answer Confusing Interview Questions:

Question 01. What do you Overlook regarding work on Holidays?

What the HR is really asking – With these question, he/she wants to know the priority of work in your work.

How to Answer it – When this question is asked, you must interpret it properly as the interviewers are keen to know the priority of work and thus, you can answer by simply stating how you love working and making your career. You can add about the challenges that may come and how you will do whatever it takes to complete the given task.

Question 02. What is the most recent Good Book you’ve read?

What the HR is really asking – It is important for the recruiters to know if you like expanding your knowledge with books or not.

How to Answer It – Consider you have read several books in the past which is not necessarily be related to the job profile you are interviewing for. Highlight the name of the book, author, and provide some details or summary of the book so that the interviewers can get a proper idea of how well you had acquired the knowledge of that book.

Question 03. What do you do in your leisure time?

What the HR is really asking – This question is easy to understand, however, what makes it difficult to answer as here, the interviewers wants to listen something creative and not time-wasting activities that you do.

How to Answer It – Avoid answering the question like you use social media or sit around and watch television as it will create a negative impression. Instead, answer the same with creativity. Tell the interviewers about your trip to camp, hiking, cycling, etc.

Question 04. If you have options among 2 superpowers, which one would you select?

What the HR is really asking – Many a times, there is a tremendous stress on candidates mainly in client-facing, however, answer it logically.

How to Answer It – Flying or running fasters are although comic powers, they won’t help in staying in competition for your organization. Therefore, answer it by stating something logical that will help complete your task on-time to achieve the goals in this organization.

Question 05. Tell me something about you that is unusual?

What the HR is really asking – The interviewers want to know something which is not in your resume and something that will amuse them.

How to Answer It – Avoid stating about your family and friendly. Instead, discuss your dreams and goals to achieve. Like a bucket list to complete before you die or that you want to visit 7 monuments of the world in 1 year or so.

Question 06. If you were to be given a minute to expand a industry idea, what would you devise?

What the HR is really asking – Entrepreneurial capabilities are rare as it involves wholesome amount of stress and tension while setting up a startup, however, discussing an idea requires just your brain.

How to Answer It – If you are inclined towards an entrepreneurship, it doesn’t needs much clarification on how to answer it, however, for those who are not inclined towards it, devise a small plan on setting up a company and its processes. The recruiters wants to know how well you can think and calculate the matters and all.

Interview Tips:

Whenever going for an interview, it is crucial to do some homework well in advance. These confusing questions are asked to test whether the candidates can answer them accurately or not and it also becomes a strong point for selection or rejection of the candidates. Always make sure that whenever an interviewer asks a question, take a minute and interpret it to know what he/she really wants you to speak and then let your brain do the talking. All these confusing questions are easy to answer if you use your logic to ascertain what the interviewers are looking for and providing the same will help get recruited.

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