How to Get Ready for Written Exam: Tips to Prepare for Any Competitive Exams

How to get ready for written exam?

It is really difficult to crack all the tough exams. Candidates who are getting ready for any of the tough exam and searching for some effective tips to crack the examination here are some tips for how to get ready for written exam tips for you.

Here we arrange some effective tips about How to get ready for written examination. Hope they are extremely supportive for you to crack any Exam.

Now a day most private & government organization include written test as a part of their selection procedure.  So the Job seekers who want to join those organizations have to prepare well for the written exam. All you have to plan a schedule of the study and have to follow that routine every day. We here help you to prepare that study plan.

Written test depend on writing capacity, knowledge, knowledge of utilizing the time properly, write according to the demand of the question and the marks allotted for that question. So, the candidates have to do lot of practice in a planned way. Proper study plan will boost their chance of being successful.How to Get Ready for Written Exam

For Preparation Of Examination You Should Follow The Below Tips:

  • Allot enough time for study. Don’t skip studies. Continue the study up to the last-minute
  • Organize your study space. Ensure you have enough space to spread your course books and notes out
  • Try to learn with the help of diagram and flowchart
  • Practice the exam papers of the previous year exam
  • Make groups with friends and share every one’s topic and discuss. It will you to gather more knowledge easily
  • Take breaks but don’t lose the focus.

Written Examination Preparation Tricks:

  • Planning Material

Competitors who are getting ready for exam first need to choose the study material as per the new syllabus. Books must cover the new syllabus and most recent exam design so you can study from most recent and upgrade study material. Books play the major role part in achievement of any candidate.

  •  Consider Exam Pattern

Each exam has their exam design. Exam pattern incorporate like duration, total marks, number of questions, segment of various subject, rule of negative marking , question paper pattern(subjective, objective or both). Students must know all these things and should keep in mind while preparing for that exam. It is more essential to set yourself up as per the exam however not as the book to score better.

  •  Division Of Subject According To The Time

Candidates about allot time for each subjects depend on the exam pattern. Great time tables will clearly boost the chance of achievement in the examination. A proper time-table is important as then only you will get time for all the subjects and there will no chance to miss any of the subjects. In this way, if you need to get achievement in tough exam then you needs to manage time properly and it  ensures success if you follow the time plan in an proper way.

  •  Give Ample Of Time To Weak Subject

Each subject is essential to get achievement in examination. When you set up the time-table, then it is required to give more time to weak subject. You can take special tuition class to improve that subject.

  • Enhance Speed To Solving Questions

Time is the fundamental period of the composed examination. Solving the problem correctly in high-speed is prerequisite in written exam. Start practicing the speed at home. Take a previous year question paper and try to solve it in 30mins less than the allotted time. Practice daily and try to do it. Or you can test yourself through pace test which are accessible on the web. Practicing the multiple choice questions daily will your improve speed. Try it.

  • Give Proper Time For Revision:

Candidates must give proper time for revision of each subjects, parts, equations and definition. When preparing the time-table they should keep time for revision. Don’t try to all the revision at a time. Suppose in a subject you have completed two chapters but before starting the third revise the first chapter similarly before fourth revise the second. Likewise if you completed the half of the syllabus then revise the full then go for the next half.   The candidates can follow other ways like:

  1. Self Prepared Notes: Self notes develop confidence in you and make your basics more solid and it will boost your accomplishment in your exam.
  2. Master Supervision: You can take the guidance or supervision of specialists it is essential for any exam arrangement. Candidates must solve earlier year papers and some more test papers with the assistance of the specialists. They also have practice according the present exam patterns.

Last minute suggestion on The Day Of The Test:

  • Arrive at the exam center sufficiently early with the goal that you can relax before the exam starts. But avoid arriving earlier than the exam time; it will make you exhausted before the exam.
  • Do not go with family or companions to the examination site. Space is just for candidates and the observing staff
  • You are not allowed to bring books, manuals, notes or cushions into the test room.
  • Calculators and watches with memory ability, electronic paging gadgets, recording or shooting gadgets, radios, PCs, mobile phones, and other mechanical and electronic gadgets are not allowed in the test room
  • Carry your pen sharpen pencil eraser sharpener scale with you.
  • Read your planning letter carefully about what you have to bring to the test site.
  • If you have to carry any extra materials with you, such as, calculator, a pen, and so forth, this will be said in your planning letter.
  • Don’t miss to carry hall ticket / admit card and ID proof with you in the exam hall

Last Minute Preparation Tips for Competitive Exams


Some Suggestions

It is critical to utilize judgment skills when facing a written test:

  1. Get a complete rest on the before night and make sure to dress comfortably and have breakfast
  2. If you are not certain where the test site is, take a drive to the site before the test date
  3. Keep buffer time for the journey, just in case if you have to face any issue.

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