Exam Time Management Tips: How to Manage Time Efficiently in Exam

Exam Time Management Tips – Tips For Using Time Efficiently While Giving Examination

Aspirants experience lot of tension and stress when the final exam dates are near. Exams are a test of your skills Exam time Management is very important to get success in any exam. Here are few best Exam Time management tips for every student while giving any exam. Examination needs various skills like understanding, application of concept to solve a problem, ability to quickly remember some fact, writing down your answers correctly using clear handwriting are all tested. In order to get high marks and qualify for merit list, you have to understand time management. It is not enough to answer correctly. You have to answer all the questions and in the given time only. The following article has been prepared by our website in order to help you understand the importance of using time while giving the exam –Exam Time Management Tips

  1. Don’t Forget Simple Details:

Students concentrate so hard on studying for exam that they forget simple things. The teachers in class always help with simple details like how many questions to answer, what you can leave out, what should always be answered, etc., But at the exam centre, the students get nervous and they forget simple things. If you have to answer 3 questions mandatorily, then you have to answer them by managing time. If you are totally immersed in the 2nd answer, you may take too much time and you may move on to the next section without answering the 3rd question. Sometimes, You also concentrate too much on one answer because you know the topic very well and you want to impress evaluators with well-written answers. You also take too much time here. These simple things must not be forgotten despite feeling stress while giving the exam.

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  1. Speed Writing Is Equally Important:

Some students are very good with studies and preparation. You may have read all the syllabus and improved your confidence. But keeping everything in the head is not sufficient. In exams, you have to write. Writing in a speedy manner should also be practised. This can be done by taking practise tests very seriously. Always write in a clear way using good pens. Don’t use pencils or type on computers if you want to improve handwriting.

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  1. Confidence Can Be Counter-Productive:

You are productive in exam only if you can complete all the answers in allotted time. Confidence is required for exams, but over-confidence can make you commit small and big errors. If you have to answer a lengthy and complex essay in 20 minutes, then you cannot waste too much time on the beginning and middle passages. You have to check the watch 6 or 7 minutes later to finish the passage. If you become over-confident and think I will finish the ending passage quickly, then quality of essay will be spoiled. It is better to write an average essay rather than scribbling meaningless sentences while writing the ending passage because of lack of time.

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  1. Don’t Get Stressed At The Beginning:

Exams are not easy for many students. You may experience sudden feelings of illness, body pain, or uneasiness in the stomach. You may get worried unnecessarily. You have to avoid and overcome such tendencies. Show confidence while entering the exam centre. Take deep breaths, drink some water, and walk off any lethargy for a brief period. Wish good luck to friends and make a suggestion to yourself that you have good memory and you will do well in the exam.

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  1. Don’t Make The Basic Reading Mistake:

Exams have fixed time, but enough time is given for reading the question paper correctly. This time should be used at the beginning to completely read the question paper. If there are any instructions at the beginning, they have to be followed properly. You can also mark the questions you want to answer. You can either tick the question or you can decide the order of answering by writing serial numbers – 1, 2, 3, etc., or dots – . , .., … next to the question.

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  1. Allot Appropriate Amount Of Time:

One way of managing time during exam is to divide the time into smaller portions. The practise tests for preparation would help here. You already know how much time you take for different sections, shorter and longer answers, easier and difficult topics.  You have to use this experience and allot correct amount of time. Do not allot too much time to a short answer, particularly if it is from easier topic. Always allot more time to longer essays and answers whether they are easy or difficult. You still have to write and it takes time to write in detail.

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  1. Answer Your Favorite Questions First:

There are advantages in answering your favorite questions at the beginning. The answers will be correct and your sentences will be well-formed. Your confidence will improve and the evaluators will also get impressed while doing assessments and giving marks. The order of answers is very important. If you leave some easy topic to the very end thinking I can answer it quickly, you may not have enough time to complete. Since difficult questions are going to be answered in an average manner, you should leave them to the end.

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  1. Concentrate On Numbers:

When you are answering questions that require numbers, data or formulae to be copied from question paper, then concentration and attention must be applied. If you fail to correctly copy the data, then time is wasted even if you put in effort while answering. The answer is anyway going to be wrong and you may not have enough time to rectify the mistake.

  1. Strategy For Essays And Long Answers:

Essays and long answers receive value points and high marks. But you have to use technical words and complex sentences. So you should divide the answer into parts and give subheadings to each part. You should make mental note what you will write in each subheading. You should also write down the answer in an ordered and systematic manner. Mixing up concepts and thoughts while writing essays will not ensure good marks.

  1. Correct The Exam-Time Mistakes On The Spot:

If you make mistakes despite being careful do not become fearful. You may have answered wrong number of questions or may have read the question wrongly or understood it wrongly. The answer will also not be appropriate. If you see this mistake, then immediately write down on the answer sheet what you have done. After that write a bullet list of the correct answer points without worrying about sentence structure and formation. If evaluators are sympathetic, they can understand you made a genuine mistake and they may give grace marks for the correct list.

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  1. Keep The Additional Sheets Ready:

You should always keep the additional scripts and sheets ready. If you have only one sheet left with you, you can rise up and ask for additional sheets in a polite manner. There is no need to wait till you finish the last line of the last sheet of answer paper. Collect additional scripts beforehand and ensure you have enough of them so as to not get anxious during the last 20 to 30 minutes of the exam. Some student become shy and self-conscious because the invigilators are new to them. Do not worry and ask for additional sheets in a confident manner.

Students spend a lot of time and effort in studying but do not get good grades. They worry and do not understand the nature of problem. They should know why and where they are going wrong while answering in the exams. They can make use of the above guidelines to improve their scores. Do not forget the importance of using time to your advantage and achieving success in all types of exams.

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Updated: November 23, 2016 — 6:31 am

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