Competitive Exams In India After Graduation –

Competitive Exams After Graduation

Let us now what are competitive exams at first?

A competitive examination is nothing but an examination where candidates are given positions accordingly to their scores. If the examination is open for any number of positions, then the first candidates in ranks shall pass smoothly, while, the others are unfortunately, rejected. They are used as an entrance examinations for any university and college admissions or related to for secondary schools.

India’s education system is ever developing very fast including the educational institutes and also, various government departments which are involved conducting different types of tests in their hands to collect the ideal candidates for their institute.
Given below are a list of the various examinations held in India which have competitive exams as well:

Competitive Exams In India After Graduation


The main education board CISCE (Council for the Indian School certificate examinations),CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Education) are conducting  AISSCE (All India Senior School Certificate examination). conducting the ISC (Indian school certificate examination). This is in additions to various state boards-Bihar, , Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,Madhya Pradesh , Haryana and Maharashtra-who conduct their own higher secondary examinations.

CBSE BOARDS, Std Xth March
ICSE BOARDS, Std Xth March and February
ICSE BOARDS, Std XIIth February
                Entrance exam is a very basic need for any university or college. They are generally, conducted by several institutions and on the basis of merit and they select students who pass the entrance exam according to their criteria. The exams are based on different syllabuses given to the students and are mostly likely to be conducted for any higher level of education. Following is  a list of some exams held in India, annually
  • Medical Entrance Exams
  • Common Aptitude test (CAT)
  • Management Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)
  • Engineering Entrance Examinations in India

Exams to check competency are used for entrance into undergraduate and post graduate professional terms as well as for making sure you get a job in the government. Mainly they have their foremost important aim to select by a personality test, and are conducted in various venues at centres across the country. Competitive exams are indeed tough, with containing Lakhs of applicants appearing for a limited vacancies. The competitive exams are listed below.Bank Competitive exams

  • SSC (Staff Selection Commission)
  • Railway Competitive Exams
  • Defense Competitive tests
  • Union Public Service Commission exams (UPSC)


There are many rest included exams held at an international position in various other foreign and migratory universities. However, it can be a graduate-level or post-graduate exam. Various other international exams are mentioned below.

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT
  • GATE


Competitive exams of most criteria ask you for graduation as their most basic requirement as a qualification, but there are some others who have their own eligibility criteria. There are tons and thousands of competitive exams which are held every year. A Student can find the updates and details easily related to information of the exams either from their official website or from a job or career portal.

  • Checking the eligibility has become very easy ,just a click away. Visit websites, put in the required course, and here you have, all the description needed under a page.



There are information you must know before you get ready for  appearing a competitive exam. Remember, Competition is always at peak in such kind of exams and you must never ever think of giving up any hope or confidence. If you begin something, do not stop until s you finish your job. If one door closes, God, leaves a window somewhere open.

  • KNOW YOUR EXAM: Even before touching your books to start studying, you must be aware of everything related to the exam for which you appearing. It is even more important that you are applying for it for the first time in your life. Collect some details from helter and skelter of that particular exam and the respective concerned organization. Research previous year exam syllabus, details and other statistics and diagrams.
  • A SOLID-PLAN: A solid-plan is the most crucial part of your exam-preparation. Make a well-organized study plan based on your recent searches and related to the given exam syllabus. Make the most awesome schedule ever to touch everything and that you give enough time for every topic. Also you can assign time for practice and revising
  • BOOKS: Pick up only the best study material available. Dedicate some time for the same. Ask any experts and professionals about the best study material they think are good for the exam and then confidently go for it. There might be two options, either purchase books from a local book store or you can order online study material.
  • BASICS : You have to go for  this only if you have extra number of days remaining for the exam. Competitive exams usually are including questions from many of Xth, XIIth basic concepts. If you find that your basic concepts are not clear, and you may not be able to think the correct answers in your mind so you have to go for the basics.
  • KNOWLEDGE: For relating t general knowledge, find an encyclopaedia or any general-informative book and learn as much as you can I short span. If you don’t wish to read as much, just go through the past newspapers, articles. Important topics from related to G.K. perspective include history, finance, economy, business, education and politics.
  • TICK TOCK: It is very important to know how you manage your time while preparation of the exam and in appearing for an actual exam. No matter how much you have prepared for the exam, you may not be able to write everything or write all the given set of questions in the given short hours time of exams. So, prepare yourself for getting more marks in less time. Practice makes perfect.
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