Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions

How to Answer Commonly Asked Questions at Job Interview:

1.Could you introduce yourself

Good morning Sir/Madam.I am Amit Kapoor,native of New Delhi.I completed my schooling in Good Shephard International school,Nilgiris and received the best outgoing student of the year.

I completed a degree in aerospace engineering in Coventry University and emerged as a winner in NASEI Aviation Challenge and maintained my participation in NASEI Wing Design competition,Real world design challenge  Worked as aeronautical engineering in Zeal Manpower Tech.I am quick witted attune to every possible safety related issue and have flexibility required to work in a team setting.I have advanced proficiency level of C2 in German and have a TELC certificate in Spanish.

2.Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are confidence to deal with any situation and I have a keen interest in building strengths that are much needed and would like to solve problems in a constructive,non- confrontational way.I have outside the box thinking which is exceptional i presume.I have the ability to find positive things that most people see as negative.And I operate from my strengths and always strive to derive excellence.

Talking about  negatives when any hurdle arises with anyone in the team I Over stress myself till the problem is solved.

3.Why do You think I should Hire You  for this position.

Sir,First i think i have excellent  understanding of computer aided design software  and have the ability to plan and prioritize  things and work efficiently under financial resources assigned.The quintessential part  that lies in me is that has maximum efficiency but still maintain level of comfort.

4.Why did you leave you previous job?

My wife went through a trauma during her delivery and i did not think i could strain my parents to look after the baby so i took much needed break for an  year.Now she is fine.And my intact mind feels that now I am in a position to start my career again.

5.Where do you see yourself after five years now?

My main motive is to steer my career with perseverance to whichever level it could take.I see myself in designing aircraft,spacecraft,missiles and system for national defense.

6.Why do you want to work in our company ?

Sir,I think  this is the best airline  in the world without compromising on safety and allows proper time to complete our assigned task.This is the airline which evaluate their benefits regularly and adapt it to the needs of employees and clients..And you company is a leading missile and missile systems company which play a major role in Asia Defence systems.And if I get this job I will be entering a world of high technology that focuses on the design but still maintain dexterity  of highly complex technical systems.And I am up to the challenge.And this company has solid prospects that advance your career.And additionally you have research centers which were in operation since 1921.That would comply the wish of a budding aeronautical engineer.

7.Are you a team player?

I am very communicative and look beyond self interests and if other team member is procrastinate, I will motivate him and resolve the diversities among them .As it involves multinational environment in the development of new technologies and being communicative in English,Spanish ,German,Hindi I could effectively work with different persons without taking into account of the cultural diversities.

8.Are you comfortable with rotational shifts?

Absolutely sir.I used to do part time jobs during nights to support my education.I desire to yield  maximum productivity in whatever time frame i  am assigned.My sleep cycle does not disturb in whichever shift I work.I have absolute concentration on whichever work I am assigned regardless of time

9.What are your short term goals?

I would like to participate in the projects that would need my potential.i would like to engross myself in the companies futuristic requirements.As aircraft design involves fascination and engrossing yourself   and as there is need for unique design,I Would like design normal as well as some bizarre planes to make my stand in the vast subject of aerodynamics. And me being a fan of Alexander Lippisch I would definitely design unique aircraft if i am chosen .

10.what are your long term goals?

I would work hard  and strive to be consistent to play a key-role in the airlines.complying with the ethical requirement i would like to be a researcher to design new aircraft.My thesis was mainly on wind tunnel

Experiments and based on this knowledge I would like to design sophisticated Aeroplanes .

11.Can you work under pressure?

Regardless of the task assigned,i pay maximum attention under sheer pressure without compromising.There is no loss of motivation and commitment even under choking pressure.I would not entertain at any cost the chance of getting diminishing returns.I just maintain to work faster under such situations.This definitely challenges me brings out the best in me.

12.Why do you think you can be asset to our company?

I am always alert on the job and have a back up plan..before planning to do think I think about the task several times.i have technical skills which do no compromise with the standards of your company.I am innovative to come up with new designs and have applied skills in evaluating materials and equipment that are helpful in designing aircrafts.In addition to this I have specialized scientific knowledge which would help in making up the energy- efficient and economical methods for travel.

13.Do you need to ask anything?

No sir .I have clarity regarding the details of the job.There is no partiality involved in  we know that the desired candidate would get a job.Thank you sir for giving me this important chance to demonstrate myself and  assessing me .Have a nice day sir.

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Updated: April 2, 2016 — 9:34 am

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