Cognizant Interview Questions (Technical & HR) for Freshers/Experienced

Cognizant Interview Questions – HR and Technical Interview Questions

Cognizant Technology Solutions or CTS is a multinational Information Technology company with the headquarters based in USA. The organization has established its dominance in most of the major countries in the world. Cognizant Interview Questions will help the participants to understand how the questions are asked during interview so that you can prepare for the same before stepping onto the interview.

Cognizant Interview Questions

Selection Process:

Cognizant is a I.T. Company which has its own set of rounds that are conducted as selection process after which the selection for the right candidates. The following are the rounds that are part of the Cognizant led selection process –

  • Written or Online Test
  • Technical round
  • HR Interview/Round
  • Final Round ( Telephonic/Personal Interview ).

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Cognizant Interview Questions for Freshers:

Following is the list of Interview Questions that are asked during interview –

HR Interview Questions for Freshers:

  • Brief me something about yourself?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • How do you deal with stressful situations and deadlines?
  • What is the toughest situation you have ever faced?
  • Why do you think you the best person for this profile?

Interview Questions for Electronics Devices and Circuits:

  • What is PN-Junction?
  • What are the applications of DSP?
  • What are the part of Network Management System (NMS)?
  • What is analog to digital conversion of signals?
  • What do you understand by Byte?
  • What are the functions of Base Station System?
  • What are the properties of ROC for z-Transform?
  • What is reverse saturation current?
  • Explain what is radio environment in building?
  • What are GPRS Services?

Interview Questions for Control System:

  • What do you understand by Voltage Regulation?
  • What does Form Factor means?
  • What is slip?
  • What are CT and PT?
  • Why is earth pin thickest and longest?
  • What is Crawling and Cogging?
  • What does Universal Motor means?
  • Difference between Earth and Neutral?
  • What are the cooling methods to cool a transformer?
  • What does Dummy coils stands for?
  • What are the disadvantages of low power factor?

Interview Questions for Mobile Computing?

  • What are constructors?
  • What is CD-ROM?
  • What are data structures?
  • What is Clipboard?
  • What are the similarities of iteration and recursion?
  • What are condition statements?
  • What does database means? How does it differs from data warehouses and data marts?
  • What do you understand by Hyper threading?

Cognizant Technical Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates:

HR Interview Questions for Experienced Candidates:

  • Tell us about your education?
  • What signs of trust have you demonstrated at your ex-employer?
  • Have you ever had conflict with your professor or boss and how did you resolved it?
  • Which individuals had great influence on you?
  • What are your career goals?

For Web Content Manager:

  • What is an attribute?
  • What is datalist in HTML5?
  • What are JavaScript data types?
  • How can you call JavaScript from MXML?
  • What is vector graphic animations?
  • What does it means by Lambda?
  • On which OSes can Python run on?
  • What are the properties of stylesheet?

For IT Project Manager:

  • What is risk impact and probability?
  • Who is a stakeholder?
  • Explain the team forming process?
  • Why does Project Manager needs to be very proactive?
  • What is earned value management?
  • Define a project?
  • What is quality control?
  • How do you deal with team members that are difficult to handle?

For Oracle:

  • What is cross join?
  • What is COALESCE function?
  • Define SGA?
  • What is DML?
  • What is a cursor variable?
  • What is NULL value in Oracle?
  • What is the use of NVL function?
  • What are SET operators?
  • Difference between cold backup and hot backup?
  • What are nested tables?
  • What is VIP?
  • What is Global Services Daemon?
  • What is a listener process?
  • What is SQL Loader?
  • Explain different types of concurrent manager?

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