Career Options After 12th Science, Arts and Commerce | Top Courses List After 12th Class

Career Options After 12th Science, Arts and Commerce

The one question that rings in the mind of most students who have given their higher secondary examination and are awaiting result is, What Next ? What are the best career options after 12th science, arts and commerce? There are a lot of ifs and buts with every answer that comes to the rescue, leading to more questions than answers.  Should I choose a good university or a college, or should I just do what everyone else does, engineering medicine, MBA, B. com.  Am I creative enough to consider something more creative.  Or how much does a simple general degree go.  All these things pester students and parents alike, particularly due to the fact that results are not yet out.  One doesn’t know if they would score well enough to get into prestigious institutions or settle with what they want.

The simple Answer:

The answer to what goes on into every student’s mind is very simple and complex enough to consider its simplicity.  When parents think that 17 year old students cannot make a big life decision, it is left to the parents to decide upon them, but not really knowing what goes on in their child’s mind.  Often the child’s mind is carried away and motivated by what his friends do.   Finally the onus ends up with the parents to put the child in a course that he would like and make good use of it in life.  The key to this solution is that one must judge the aptitude of the child before putting him in a course.

Colleges Don’t Count:

As of today, colleges are run for money, and give you a run for money.  Without paying a hefty sum, no private institution is going to admit a child.  Without good marks none is going to end up in a government sponsored institutions, and add to it the reservation policy by the government.

Professional courses:

Degrees in India come in many kinds.  Some with affiliations to a professional body that issues license to practice a profession.   This could include doctors, lawyers, architects, and civil engineers.  These professionals are accredited and registered to the medical council of India for doctors, the bar council of India for lawyers, the council of architecture for architects, and local body licenses for civil engineers.  To most of these professions, the license provided by government is more important than the degree itself.   There are some degrees that still offer a professional affiliation to a body of professional, but the affiliation is considered as a degree.  For example AMIE (amateur member of the institution of engineers) is considered a degree, but the affiliation is professional one.  ICWA (Cost work accounting) and chartered accounting (CAs) are some examples of organizations that provides affiliation and the affiliation is considered degree.

There are other kinds of degrees that are given by the universities that are not generally accepted by any professional body, and these are generalist degrees.  They may include B. com, BA, BSc, and all other streams of engineering degrees.  The attractiveness of some degrees change from time to time depending upon market conditions or particularly the conditions where job demand for individuals who have completed a particular degree increases.  For example, when there was a software boom in the 1990s, many people took into software engineering and development and fared pretty well drawing good salaries.  This was irrespective of the degree that they obtained.  Some people studied software and they did good in developing software and they fared well, whilst some other did not.

There are other degrees offered in various universities that are not offered to everyone, and which requires a particular ability from a student, so that he could fare well in life.  These include hotel management, artistry and sculpting, fine arts, media studies etc.  These are the kind of degrees offered to individuals based on their interests.  These kind of degrees do not guarantee a job or a good pay, but are to be pursued by the students just because they are interested in their stream, and would continue to do their profession with love for it.

Current trends:

  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Medical
  • Commerce

Many students appear for the boards every year. HSC or Higher Secondary Examinations are crucial most part of one’s career. So, scoring and passing the exam with flying colors is important. After, being done with boards, students mostly look for  Career which can include studying and gaining a job in the same field, but, after completion of the respective degree. Or else, working and gaining education at the same time to be in the same field after being ambitious to do something in the same field.

HSC marks highlight one’s schooling performance as it is just the further step of what one learns in School. This board can be of State as well as Country level, depending upon what the individual is looking for. To work and be something after 12th is what mainly students ask themselves.

Following are some of the Career options one can choose in order to excel and work on their resume for.

After HSC, student can work on the same field, or (sometimes) change the field. However, there are following information about some of the fields in the above main  categories.

Career Options After 12th Science:

Career Options After 12th Science

Careers Options After 12th Arts for Students :

Career Options After 12th Arts

Students with Commerce or PCB Subjects:

Career Options After 12th Commerce

Medical Courses:

Medical Courses are important lane of Career options as it serves lakhs of aspirants every year in order to be a successful Practitioner or to obtain additional trainings after completion of medical-education. It is among the highest paid job in India. Not only, an aspirant can be a doctor there are various other options as well, such as  applying in pharma industries, Cosmetics Industries, etc.

List of Medical Courses available in India and some information about them:


MBBS abbreviated as Masters in Medicine and Masters in Surgery are the two main degrees awarded to the graduate level candidate who has completed nearly 5 and half years of practice in medical Field. Eligibility criteria for applying for MBBS is the aspirant must have completed HSC.

There are three ways an aspirant can apply for the course, first being Donation or Seats allotment by the Management, secondly, through merit in marks obtained in 12th standard and third being Merit according to marks obtained in Competitive Examinations. For post graduate courses in MBBS, the candidate must pass NEET-PG:

There are total 4 semesters included in the course and the pupil applied for the course must compulsorily work in the hospital which is already affiliated to the medical college they have applied for.


B.D.S. or Bachelors of Dental Surgery is the course designed for being a professional in dentistry. There are Post graduate and professional courses offered in BDS which an aspirant ca procure after completing 4 Years of practice. The course is branched in two or more semesters. This is the 2nd most wanted course taken up after MBBS.

Eligibility for BDS is the applicant must have completed HSC with PCB with minimum of 50% of total marks.  Competitive exams are conducted all over India, main of them is All india Dental Examination or Pre-Medical examination. The amazing factor why dentistry is taken up the most, because a person can serve its patient and also look after the oral hygiene of the society.

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Physiotherapy involves treating a disease, or any deformity caused, any ailments which can be cured through exercises and massages offered, count them in.  Eligibility criteria for this course are the applicant must have passed HSC with Biology as a subject incorporated. Today, there is nearly half the percentage of the qualified physiotherapists available in comparison to the demand of the patients. Common entrance exam are the doorway to get admission in this course.

This course is for four and a half years in practice with 6 month compulsory internship. There are many post graduate courses in Physiotherapy, such as in cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy, Hands, Sports, in gynecology etc.


Doctor of Medicine or M.D. is the highest degree a Physician or a doctor can receive. Only the Person baring a MBBS Degree can apply for M.D, However, the bore degree must be certified by Medical Council of India. The ranks obtained in the entrance examination can serve as a benefit for entry in admissions for M.D. There are 3 annual semesters, amongs which there are 6 term semesters.

One can work from their own clinic or in a hospital after getting Degree for M.D. After passing of M.D. candidate can opt for Diplomate in National Board, Masters in Surgery.


Bachelors In pharmacy makes a person able to manufacture in making of drugs and medicine. The duration of the course 4 years and there are nearly 8 semesters the course has . This is a Graduate level course offered by Pharmacy Council of India(PCI). Eligibility criteria for applying for B.pharm is the candidate must have 50% of marks in PCM or PCB while in entrance exams. The least eligibility acceptable is the applicant must be 12th standard passed.

The benefit of being a B.pharm is one can open their own shop as a chemist and sell medicines.


Candidates who don’t wish to go for Medical education can apply for Science after 12th. There is range of careers available with aspiring job criteria’s in future. Some of them are:


Bachelors Of Science is a degree which can be opted for further education in science. The minimum criteria to apply for the course is the applicant must be HSC passed and should have a scientific background (Must have applied for Entrance examinations or Must have taken science in 12th) After finishing the degree of three years, the applicant can further apply for job such as In Banks, as a Teacher, chemist, Zoologist and in Management criteria.Currently, there are endless counts of colleges offering courses in india, one can earn upto    3 lakhs yearly, after completion of B.Sc

Naturopathy and Yogic Science:

Naturopathy is the second most trusted field considered in India after Allopathy. This is the most primitive and natural way of treating and curing of diseases. This involves two years course after completion of HSC.Is a well-known source of meditating and letting the inner-soul heal and rejuvenate. Not only, in India, but also, out of India, it is getting recognition for its power and ability to heal diseases at their source through natural ways. Medicines offered to the patients are organic and natural .


Biotechnology is one of the sprouting plants in field of Science; it is increasing at a rapid pace. It includes consumption of biological means along with technology to know and study the cause and the procedure of nature. This is the process which means literally studying the cause of a disease with use of technological means in order to get hold of the exact cause and then concluding particular medicines or cure for the disease.The course is a Degree-based course and the applicant has to study for 3 years in order to obtain it. One can earn up to 3 lakhs yearly, after completion of the degree.


Bachelors in Computer Education is serving as good  news for the students who want to go for studies in Computers. The minimum eligibility required is to be passed in  12th Science and the applicant must have interest in Computers. This is slight web of just networking, database research and programming. Students are given well education about the course for 3 years , and after the completion of the course, applicant can apply for any job related to IT Departments, Industries or any software companies and get paid up to 3 lakhs per year.

Dairy Technology:

Dairy Technology is also flourishing as a backup rather than the traditional science courses. It mainly involves manufacture of dairy products, researching them and analyzing the products generated.  The main key factor of taking dairy industry as a career is the individual can setup their own business and earn well as dairy products form daily part of everyone’s life.


Commerce is becoming the crucial part of our lives as it deals with social, legal, and technological aspects along with financial ones. Commerce or commercial relations between an individual and the company involve give and take of financial means.


Chartered Accountants are the most different type of job in finance which a person can go for as it deals with auditing finance and monitoring all the financial related information of an organization or individuals. A CA is hired to be a private member of an organization who looks after the accounts. The Course is up to 5 years and after that the individual can earn a whopping 3-6 lakhs per year. The minimum eligibility to apply for CA is the applicant must be a 12th commerce passed.


Corporate Secretary is the first person to talk to in terms of dealing legal terms connected to an organization. The main role of a CS is to monitor the taxes, offer advices to the organization regarding the expenditures and handle all legal means. The course is 8-9 months graduation course with 1 year 3 months as internship. This job is considered to be very prestigious as handling legal means of an organization is the most crucial part. In short, it is a respectable job with that much earnings yearly awarded by the organization can be 3 lakhs minimum(yearly).

Bachelors in commerce are the most interesting career option considered by 12thers, This is the education process in which the candidate has all ideas merging to a straight lane of business. Managing business, maintain their records, Import export of goods, and all related sub-topics are covered in mere degree course of 3 years. Minimum eligibility acceptable is the candidate must be passed in 12th with science as a subject and must have interest in Accounts and finance.


Engineering involves applying knowledge about factual proof and objective, social and practical knowledge which can be consumed to produce, with innovation and construct machinery, various tool, research, different materials and procedures. There is many other career options ranging in Engineering field after 12th standard, some of them are,

Computer Science and Engineering:

Computer Science and Engineering are considered as the most relevant field taken by 12th standard students. It is meant to be related to study involving Education about Computers and processes carried out in Computers. It is the most hunted career taken up in Engineering field. Science students can also, apply for this course which will consume 3 to 4 years of practice. After which, there will be job opportunities given in the field of Networking, programming, web designing, website development, etc candidate applying for the course must have Physics, Math’s and Science as their background. More courses can be sought after taking up of this course which has M.Tech ,M.Phil. in their list.

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is said to be the most primitive discipline in Engineering.  It renders application of materialistic science, and knowledge about physics in terms of analyzing, maintaining and constructing a mechanical system. The minimum eligibility criteria for Mechanical engg is Applicant must be SSC Passed, or having ITI certificate or HSC Passed with PCM as their subject. The candidates who have sought Mechanical engineering can get job opportunities in both private and government sector in administrative and management positions for this course which will consume 3 to 4 years of practice.

Aeronautical Engineering:

Aeronautics Engineering is the highest paid job in Engineering field. The duration of the course is 3years and the minimum eligibility required is being SSC Passed. Aeronautics Engineering is mainly crossing roads with involvement of the candidates in improving the quality of machinery produced and also, the human life associated with it. The candidates are made prepared to solve any technical engineering related problems arriving in the machinery while working in the industries. The candidates who have sought better in this filed can get job opportunities in both private and government sector in administrative and management positions

Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering is well-known for training their aspirants in knowledge about engineering and electronics. The main aim behind training these aspirants is to construct such machinery which do much of work, yet save time and energy. Further, aspirants will be hired in any industries which involve works relating to machinery and electronics. The course is just for 3 to 4 years and the candidate must have the minimum eligibility of being a HSC Passed. The aspirants can apply for this course after 10th also. There are total 6 semesters in these 3 years of practice and then if the aspirant wish to acquire further courses they can apply for B.E.,Ph.D. etc

Agricultural Engineering:

Engineers in field of Agriculture are considered to be among the most reputed aspirants. This is a course which one can apply for after baring PCM, in 12th for 3 to 4 years to study in working and procedures of all the technologies involved in agricultural practice. While applying for this course the individual must have some knowledge about crops and agriculture. This involves affiliations with various aspects of agriculture involving Biology, civil, social aspects. There are total 8semesters in 4 years, meaning, each year there will be 2 semesters. After completion of Agricultural Engineering the aspirant can apply for industries, agricultural fields, etc. Also, the individual can start their own business which can seem a good deal.

The New Trend:

The current trend is that irrespective of any degree learnt in colleges, most people choose to become entrepreneurs later in life.  As of now, the tide is changing for degrees, and many people look forward for a scope to become entrepreneurs later on life.  So, while selecting a degree, all these points must be taken into consideration.

There are a couple of questions that one must sincerely answer to oneself before taking up a course.

The first question is

Will I be happy in life with the outcomes of this degree ?

Will I earn enough to support the lifestyle that I choose to life ?

Will it earn me respect and could I contribute to the society with the education that I have got ?

Will the cost to this degree make me go bankrupt ?

The answer to these simple questions to yourself will give you a clarity of thought in which degree to choose.  Nowadays, all information relating to degrees are available online, and one must look forward to choose the right degree taking into consideration how long they could practice a profession that best suits them.

Finally, there are a lot of options available for aspiring students, and we have a whole list of institutions that offer degrees.  We do an all-encompassing analysis on students and give them the right pick of universities, courses, and colleges to choose from.

All the Best!!

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