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Aspiring for career growth is what every working professional lingers for. You have practical work experience, degree, excellent communication skills, but still, you realize well that it would take 5-6 years to get promoted to a managerial post.

GMAT can be a cherry on the top of your “work-experience” cake. How? Writing GMAT will open the gate for MBA, not only in India but also in abroad. Apart from professional growth, there are few more salient features of pursuing an MBA, like a career shift, earning more money and learning more about the business world and thus gaining knowledge.

GMAT Exam:

Every year, thousand of aspirants appear for GMAT, which primarily can be split into two broad categories – Working Professionals and Fresh Graduates. The later one has just passed his undergraduate and is still in touch with studies, but if you belong to the former category, you might be worrying about lots of ‘W’s and ‘H’s – What, Why, How, etc.

The GMAT Exam consists questions from the following topics –

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment
  2. Integrated reasoning
  3. Quantitative aptitude
  4. Verbal Reasoning

Being a little worried or tensed is quite natural, but cracking GMAT is not a rocket science. Yes, you have lots of commitments to meet – a regular job which demands 10 hours a day, preparing and delivering presentations to your clients and balancing and personal and professional life as well; but here is a perfect solution for you to prepare for GMAT with ease.

GMAT Exam Preparation:

You must be thinking about coaching centers which focus on typical classroom learning. But ask yourself, do you really have time for this? Will you be able to attend regular classes? What if you miss a class? Will they repeat the topic just for you?

Don’t worry; we have a perfect answer to this, and that’s called BYJU’s Tablet-Based Learning Program for GMAT. Online learning through video lectures is the new trend in the field of Education. There are two primary reasons why we suggest e-Learning.

Firstly, GMAT exam is an adaptive test, which means it throws questions at you, as per your intelligence level. Certain parameters like – How much time you are taking to solve a question, How accurately you gave an answer – are measures in an algorithm and accordingly, new questions are thrown at you. Yes, you can’t see all the questions at a time during the exam. In BYJU’s e-Learning Course, you’ll be provided with an adaptive test at the end of each topic. Which means, even way before writing GMAT, you’ll get a hold of What and How adaptive test works?

Secondly, using any gadget based learning is a cheaper, less time-consuming and is an excellent alternative to classroom education. You can set a plan of 1/2/3/6 months study schedule and accordingly can start studying for 2-3 hours a day and learn at your own pace. You won’t have to be dependent on any teacher or coaching center to teach you. You learn You ask doubts instantly, Write tests and do your GMAT Preparation.

Why BYJU’s Tablet Based Learning Program?

The best part about this course is “Video Lectures.” Byju’s tab has 150+ hours of lectures on each and every topic. You have anytime access to your GMAT study materials. You can choose your topic, what to study. If you think your verbal is weak, directly jump to verbal lectures which are impossible in a classroom. Hence, you can customize your GMAT course as per your need. Every aspirant is provided with a Mentor, so at any point in time, if you come up with doubt, you can clarify it.


Author – Payel Bhowmick

Author Bio – With a degree in Journalism, Mass Comm. and Human Rights, and with an experience of 5 years+ in the Online Media, I am a Dreamer, Writer, and Blogger. Currently a Content Marketing enthusiast as well and exploring all about the Education Industry with BYJU’s – The Learning App.

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Updated: March 13, 2017 — 9:03 am

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