Bhavnagar University Results 2016 – Latest UG, PG and Other Courses

Bhavnagar University Results 2016 for All Courses:

The Bhavnagar University conducting all its exam and publishing the results of the conducted exams on time just following their legacy. The university declares and publish their results in their official website so the students are requested to check the official website of the university whenever they get any information of the declaration of the result or directly from the table below. Recently Bhavnagar Univesitty has published the Bhavnagar University results 2016 for few courses and gradually they will publish the others also, so keep an eye on us.

The university is conducting exams on different subjects in UG & PG courses, the subjects they covered in UG/ PG programs are:

At present after Post Graduate Departments provides various categories like

  • Life Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science and Applications
  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Commerce
  • Sanskrit
  • Economics
  • Bureau of Business Administration
  • Bureau of Education
  • Research Areas of the Post Graduate Departments
  • Bureau of Library and data Science

University encourage some self finance courses in its post graduate department for post graduate degrees also for that also they are conducting exam every year. Some of the self financed courses are

  • M.Sc in Chemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Applications
  • M.A in Sanskrit
  • Business Administration
  • Library and Information Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma Business Management , Computer Application, Disaster Management Shipping Management

They are conducting all the exams of the above mentioned courses on time and publishing the Bhavnagar University results 2016 on their official website. So the students do not have to rush anywhere to check the result just they can check the official website of the University or else they can check this site as we publish the result link as soon as the university has declared the result.

Here we try to compile all the steps for accessing the result from the website otherwise we also provide the direct links for the particular exam. So you can that also to get the result more easily.

Name of the university:  Bhavnagar University
Category:  Bhavnagar University Results 2016
Status: Released
Official Website:

How To Access The Bhavnagar University Results 2016:

Here we compile all the required steps for accessing Bhavnagar University Results 2016:

  • Access  the official website  or you can go for the direct link provided below
  • Select  the option result
  • The result link navigate you to a new page
  • Here you can first scroll down to get your required link
  • Select the required link of desired result
  • Result sheet will be displayed on the screen
  • Save Bhavnagar University Results 2016 which is displayed in the screen

Bhavnagar University Results 2016:

Course Result Date
 2016-09-09 SYMBBS-FINAL OR
 2016-09-09 SYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 2501 TO 2598
 2016-09-09 SYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 2001 TO 2500
 2016-09-09 SYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 1501 TO 2000
 2016-09-09 SYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 1001 TO 1500
 2016-09-09 SYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 0501 TO 1000
 2016-09-09 SYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 0001 TO 0500
 2016-09-09 FYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 3001 TO 3516
 2016-09-09 FYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 2001 TO 3000
 2016-09-09 FYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 1001 TO 2000
 2016-09-09 FYBA-7 PAPER-EXTERNAL-OR- 0001 TO 1000
2016-09-03 MA-II-EXTERNAL-OR- 1001 TO 1179
2016-09-03 MA-II-EXTERNAL-OR- 0501 TO 1000
2016-09-03 MA-II-EXTERNAL-OR- 0001 TO 0500
2016-09-03 FYBHMS-FINAL OR -JULY-2016
2016-09-02 MCOM-II-EXTERNAL-OR-April-2016
2016-08-23 FYBDS-FINAL OR-APRIL-2016
2016-08-23 FOURTH BHMS -FINAL-OR-JULY-2016
2016-08-20 LLM-4-FINAL OR
2016-08-12 FYMBBS-FINAL OR
2016-08-09 BA SEM1 FINAL OR
2016-08-06 BSC IT SEM5 FINAL OR
2016-08-06 BA SEM2 FINAL OR
2016-08-04 TYBHMS-JULY-2016-OR
2016-07-30 YOGA-OR
2016-07-30 SYBBA-FINAL OR
2016-07-29 MA-I-EXTERNAL-FINAL-OR 1001 TO 1764
2016-07-29 MA-I-EXTERNAL-FINAL-OR 0001 TO 1000
2016-07-29 FYBCOM–EXTERNAL-14-OR
2016-07-29 FYBBA-FINAL OR
2016-07-29 BRS SEM5 FINAL OR
2016-07-29 BRS SEM3 FINAL OR
2016-07-26 BRS SEM4 FINAL OR
2016-07-22 FYBA-FINAL-OR- 4001 TO 4878
2016-07-22 FYBA-FINAL-OR- 3001 TO 4000
2016-07-22 FYBA-FINAL-OR- 2001 TO 3000
2016-07-22 FYBA-FINAL-OR- 1001 TO 2000
2016-07-22 FYBA-FINAL-OR- 0001 TO 1000
2016-07-22 BSC SEM5 FINAL OR
2016-07-22 BSC SEM4 FINAL OR
2016-07-22 BA SEM3 FINAL OR
2016-07-21 SYBCOM-14-FINAL OR
2016-07-21 SYBCA-FINAL-OR – 501 TO 914
2016-07-21 SYBCA-FINAL-OR – 001 TO 500
2016-07-20 SYCOM-FINAL-2001 TO 3000
2016-07-20 SYBHMS-OR
2016-07-20 SYBCOM-FINAL- 3001 TO 3976
2016-07-20 SYBCOM-FINAL- 1001 TO 2000
2016-07-20 SYBCOM-FINAL- 0001 TO 1000
2016-07-20 FYCOM-FINAL- 4001 TO 4901
2016-07-20 FYCOM-FINAL- 3001 TO 4000
2016-07-20 FYCOM-FINAL- 2001 TO 3000
2016-07-20 FYCOM-FINAL- 1001 TO 2000
2016-07-20 FYCOM-FINAL- 0001 TO 1000
2016-07-20 FYBHMS-OR
2016-07-19 SYBSW-FINAL OR
2016-07-19 BSC SEM3 FINAL OR
2016-07-19 BSC SEM1 FINAL OR
2016-07-19 BCOM SEM4 FINAL OR
2016-07-19 BCOM SEM3 FINAL OR
2016-07-19 BCOM SEM2 FINAL OR
2016-07-19 BCOM SEM1 FINAL OR
2016-07-19 BBA SEM2 FINAL OR
2016-07-16 FYBSC-FINAL-OR-2001 to 2038
2016-07-16 FYBSC-FINAL-OR-1501 to 2000
2016-07-16 FYBSC-FINAL-OR-1001 to 1500
2016-07-16 FYBSC-FINAL-OR-0501 to 1000
2016-07-16 FYBSC-FINAL-OR-0001 to 0500
2016-07-16 FYBCA-FINAL-501 TO 923
2016-07-16 FYBCA-FINAL-001 TO 500

About the Bhavnagar University

The University was set up on 1978 by the Gujarat state government and the university is spread more than 3 area. The University is giving high quality of Teaching and Research Programs in various field like Rural Studies Science,Law, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, Management, and Arts. The university is providing 20 different PG courses at present. Bhavnagar is known for its social legacy in the western India with its last ruler Shri Krishnakumarsinhji. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the country got his underlying school instruction in Shamaldas College at1888, which is today keep running by Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University. It is located between 71.51-72.18 Latitude and 21.18-22.18 Longitude. The total area of the district is 12,048 sq. km.

The university started with a view of creating best training programs, staff improvement programs, social awareness programs which will lead to a better society not only molding t5he students to score good but nourish them to become a good person foremost.

Research is considered as the foundation of information economy everywhere throughout the world. Understanding its significance, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University is included all these in their curriculum.

Affiliated Institutes :

Moreover, the University has additionally offered affiliation to some of the institution where students are trained in different courses and research works are also taken places.

  • K L Institute for the Deaf,
  • Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute,
  • K K Jani Institute of Medical Lab, Technology,
  • B V Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development,

Constituent Colleges :

There are three constituent colleges under the Bhavnagar University. They are

  • The Samaldas Arts College which is 120 years old.
  • Sir P.P. Organization of Science.
  • The M. J. School of Commerce which is providing degree in Commerce and Business Administration.
  • S. S. pharmacy College which offers certificate Programs in Pharmacy

Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University affiliated fifteen (15) Colleges.  Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University providing different programs in the Arts Medicine, Education, Engineering, Science, Commerce and Rural Studies.

There are 24 Self-Finance Colleges associated to Bhavnagar University offering a scope of teaching courses on Science Arts, Commerce, Computer Languages, Social Work, Computer Education and Medicine.

There are fourteen (14) Post Graduate Centers of the University running different Programs in the regions of Computer Science Social Sciences, Social Work, Languages, and Medicine.


All the Best!!!

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