Bank Personal Interview Questions and Answers | Tips to Answer Most commonly Asked Bank Personal Interview Questions

List of Most Commonly Asked Bank Personal Interview Questions and Answers:

Bank Interviews usually cover each and every aspects of the Candidate. Like if a person attends an bank interview, the questions will vary from qualification, experience, native place, politics, sports, financial services, about bank, general knowledge, etc. So when you are going for an interview, you have to be fully prepared. You can refer questions and answers on the Internet to make yourself fully prepared. We have compiled Bank Personal Interview Questions and Answers.

  • Please tell us something about yourself ?

This question is the most asked one in every sort of Interview where the interviewer is keen to know about the Interviewee. Although, this question is just about yourself but never to speak for  hours on this topic. The answer should be just 5 to 6 liners comprising of experience, qualification, residence, hobbies, and family background.

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  • Where have you come from and what is famous in your city?

Here the interviewer has asked you about your residence, your natives and the famous in your city. Begin with the place you resided when you were kid that is your native place.. First you have to obtain the full knowledge about your natives and what is famous there. So for example, if you are from Ratnagiri then you can explain them about the terrain, surrounding, famous fruit, famous monuments, etc.

  • Why do you want to join the banking industry?

Well, Working in a bank will surely get you more rapport. While going for a Bank Personal Interview, the interviewer might ask you about the reason why you decide to join the banking sector. The Banking sector has its own benefits and is one of the most reputable job. The reason why the Interviewer wants to know the answer for this question is that he wants to know how ambitious you are. Now the answer for this question is easy. The banking sector provides reputable job position and a stable career with growth prospect.

There are various reasons for joining the banking industry which includes good working conditions, honest organization, active interaction with public, better growth prospects, etc.

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  • What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Every interviewer ask you this question to know your strengths and weaknesses. While stating the keywords, you have to ensure that the cross questioning from the interviewer end might get you in trouble. You have to mention your strengths and weaknesses which are required to be professional. You weaknesses should not be negative as it may create a bad impression on the interviewer.

  • After doing MBA / MA / B.Tech / B.Sc. why do you want to choose banking?

To answer this question, you will have to research about the work culture in the banking sector. If you have done B.Sc or B.Tech, you can literally apply for any job as there is a much broader scope. however, if you choose banking sector then there might be a question from the interviewer side who wants to know the reason.

To answer the question, you can start from the boons and benefits you might observe while working in banking sector. Jobs in banking industry are growth prospects and with career opportunities so great with lots of benefits and higher paycheck, banking sector is very lucrative. While going for a banking interview, you need be completely prepared as they might ask your about what you studied in the college during your graduation or masters degree.

  • What are the basic documents a person requires to open an account?

When going for a banking job, you are required to be completely prepared about each aspects of banking. This is one of the easiest question asked on any banking interview which involves documents which are required to open an account in any bank. As per the RBI guidelines, the documents which are required in order to open an account is a photograph, Aadhaar Card, identity proof, address card, etc. Proving this point will help the interviewer recognize the potential you possess which will help in your selection. You can elaborate by saying that without these documents, the person might be unable to open an account. Having a bank account will be favorable as you will be familiar with the procedure involves in opening an account.

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  • Who is the governor of RBI ?

This is a general knowledge question. The interviewer will be asking this question to know how much knowledge you have regarding current affairs. While going for a banking interview, you have to know plenty of information on current affairs that will help you get the attention of the interviewer and it will impress him as well. When asked who is the current RBI governor, the answer if Raghuram Rajan since September 2013. Although mentioning the dates will give a detailed touch, it is not always mandatory as remembering all the dates might make you confused.

  • What do you understand by the GDP of the country ?

Going for a banking interview requires detailed knowledge of recent happenings and key points. To answer this question, you have to go to the interview and search for GDP which is an abbreviation for Gross Domestic Product which is the calculation of investments, consumption, and exports and imports.

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  • Tell me something about our bank?

You have to completely prepared for this question. Research about the bank, the work culture it follows and the CEO of the bank as the interviewer show keen interest on what you know about the bank for which you are attending the interview. A little knowledge about the organization might help you to impress the interviewer and which will result in your selection if you have correctly portrayed your interest to join the company.

  • Where do you see yourself after five years from now?

Being ambitious is not a bad thing. In fact it will help the interviewer to select you. You can explain the about your goals to achieve and what would you be doing next after five years from now. Comments like I will be on your seat after five year will help the interviewer to reject you and hence, you should answer it intelligently. You can say that you are here to make long-term relations with the bank and would love to achieve growth based on your performance.

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